Maintaining Wood Flooring for Longevity

Maintaining wood flooring in the correct manner will have a significant affect on its durability and service life. Made from a natural product, wood be it hardwood or softwood should be professionally treated whenever possible. Furthermore, flooring that has been badly maintained could open a can of worms from flooring slip and fall type accidents to hygienic risks. In this article we aim to explain the correct manner to clean and maintain wood floors.

Wood Flooring Maintenance:

Liquids – The biggest risk to wood comes from liquids. Depending on the finish of the floor, some floors are at a bigger risk than others. Spillage and build up of liquids should be quickly drained before it has a chance to sink into the wood.

Finish Repair – Wood flooring is covered in a protective layer that is meant to provide basic care or to make the floor waterproof when fitted in a damp room, like the kitchen area (in the case of engineer floor). As a result of wear and tear, the finish is effectively sanded away. The finish should be reapplied periodically after the wood has been cleaned.

Use Furniture Pads – These are small pads that look like castor cups and fit under the contact points of furniture and the wood. They help eliminate accidental damage from the furniture moving around and pressure stains resulting from the weight of the furniture.

Use Doormats – Any type of doormat that is placed in the entrance and exit to the room will help reduce the built up of dirt. Doormats are fantastic at capturing small stones that are likely to scratch the finish of the wood. Additionally, they work well at stopping dust from blowing in to the room and accumulating on the surface of the wood.

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Wood Flooring Cleaning:

Prepare The Room – One of the most common self-inflicting damage occurs during the first part of the cleaning process when objects are dragged on the surface of the wood. Make sure to lift objects rather than to drag them on the surface. We also recommend taking care when cleaning next to cables.

Sweep Or Hoover The Wood – To remove dust and dirt, wood reacts well to simple sweeping. If you are using a hoover, fit a soft hair extension rather than a plastic extension. When moving the hoover around, take care not to drag the unit on the surface.

Never Wet The Floor – Wood does not require huge amounts of water in order to remove dirt. A damp microfibre mop that has been slightly saturated in water together with a cleaning chemical is all that is required. If you have decided to use chemicals, read their health and safety guidelines first and make sure to keep it safe from pets and small children.
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Use Wax With Care – It is common for wood flooring owners to wax the floor from time to time. Although it will improve the look of the floor, it will also attract dirt. Therefore, using wax is fine provided it’s not applied too often. Twice a year is usually fine for more types of wooden floors.

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Maintaining and cleaning wood floors in the correct manner will greatly extend their longevity.

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