Popular Interior Designs of 2011

For 2011, the home decor trends center on the themes of warmth, personality, and the natural. The idea that bigger is better does not fly in 2011. Individuals are choosing smaller spaces and furniture. Even homeowners and apartment dwellers with large spaces are doing everything they can to reduce the stark and empty feeling of a large room. They are doing this in a number of ways.

Using rugs to break up large floor space and construct smaller more personal spaces within larger rooms. Carpeting is not part of the equation anymore. Carpeting is being pulled up by the foot, exposing the charm of old hardwood floors in combination with multiple warm colored, funky throw rugs. Rugs are characteristic of the main over arching 2011 décor theme of creating a warm, personal, and natural space in a modern yet cost effective way. A rug is not an expensive investment and can easy be reworked or repositioned in a living space.

In 2010 the trend toward raw and imperfect wood furniture made its debut. This desire for pieces of furniture with natural character is here to stay for the 2011 design year. However, we will see this trend interpret itself in new and exciting ways. The idea of raw wood is appearing not just with respect to furniture. Design companies are selling raw wooden picture frames and candlesticks. Raw wood brings a personal and warmly rustic feel to a modern or more conservative space. It is these small accessory pieces that will be making a larger and larger appearance within stylistically conscious home and apartment owners. These space accessory pieces can change the look and feel of any space.

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As 2011 interior design becomes more and more friendly toward small spaces, space saving becomes a central component. In 2011, one out of every four people live in urban centers. This means that living space is becoming fewer and far between. Furniture designers have recognized the special needs of urban dwellers and begun selling couches and chairs with more compact widths and furniture that doubles as space saving units.

Take for the example the space saving ottoman. The traditional ottoman has been used as a footrest and a compliment to loves seats and couches for years. Yet, increasingly the ottoman is being marketed as a storage container as well. The new space-saving ottomans have removable tops with a hollow interior where magazines, books, and electronics can be easily stored. Individuals are no longer just concerned with the aesthetic, if its not functional and smart, it won’t be sticking around for 2011.

In 2005, the newest home entertainment systems were the main point of interest in living rooms around the country. 2005ers displayed large televisions and sound systems proudly in their living spaces. This is all changing. The televisions will no longer take center stage in a family or living room. This year, maps, photos, and art displaying the interests and personality of the family or individual living in the space will triumph over televisions. Individuals are taking their living spaces more seriously in the sense that they want their spaces to reflect their life, journeys interests, and loved ones. To this end, one of the most interesting things that you can do to decorate your home is look through treasured photos, documents, and artwork and take these pieces to be matted framed and displayed in unique ways through out your home. This phenomenon will be quite popular in 2011 and relatively inexpensive.

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