Wall Clock – A New Trend

Today, wall clocks have revolutionized the entire interior decoration market. These wall clocks don’t only serve functional purpose, but it is more than that. The elegance and beauty of wall clock creates a statement that goes well beyond its ability. It is a vibrant accessory that accentuates the walls in a different way. Different Kinds of Wall Clocks A wall clock can become center of attraction and can be used as a decorative piece. Today, wide varieties of wall clocks are available in various sizes and shapes, and is easily available in different materials, classical, quirky, irregular shaped, and clocks with world maps etched on it, dial with decorative hands, funky wall clocks, wall clocks with roman numerals, watch with single hands and no body, two sided wall clocks, bejewelled wall clocks, cuckoo wall clocks, wall clock with musical chimes, grandfather wall clocks, wall clocks with different images of God like Ganesha or Lord Krishna, neon colored wall clocks, and so on.

Clocks can be kept as center pieces of wall art. It serves both ornamental and functional use. These clocks we look at it are not just for time; we love the clocks every time we see at it. People like these time telling devices, which are truly stunning. Gone is the time, when clocks meant round or square shaped pieces. Today, the clocks are available in several shapes like geometric designs, floral, butterfly shape and tree shaped. It is available in amazing colors likepurple, orange or multicoloured or creative ones like original gramophone or gramophone converted clock.  Today, people have fetish for wall clocks and watches. They love collecting grandfather wall clocks, antique wall clocks and cuckoo wall clocks to musical one. Grandfather wall clock is favourite among all. Though it is bit expensive but it is worth value for money. Made from mahogany it is wonderful conversational piece. They are not merely time pieces. These clocks improve decor of the room and is a statement piece. Today, people are particular about the kind of clock they put up on the wall. They have its own charm and bring reality to idea that comes in mind. So, if you are fond of classical theme decor, opt for sophisticated vintage clock, if the look of home is modern then a contemporary abstract design of clock can be selected. People even take advice from interior designers before selecting a clock.  Which wall clock is the best for your home? Often the selection of wall clock depends upon the people living in the home. Here are some suggestions: For Kids- For Kid’s room, colourful clocks with cartoon characters is highly preferred.  Elderly- If the occupant is elderly or senior citizen, then a simple wooden clock looks elegant in which one can easy read time. In a living room or in an office area, the world clock is highly preferred. Designer wall clocks instantly add glamour and elegance to the home when placed on a wall or when resting on a mantle piece. Today, wall clocks are simply appealing. There is a wide range of disco and vinyl tap clocks available for people, who want to add fun to their wall. Color changing wall is highly sought after in the market. This kind of clock changes its color after every hour or so. For example, at 10 p.m it will be blue in color and at 11 p.m it will be red, and so on. Even 3 D clocks where the numbers have 3D effect are highly demanded. Today, a watch that displays world clock is highly popular, besides personalized wall clocks that double up as photo frames. So, wall clocks are now not boring items that show us only time. A wide array of funky wall clocks is available in the market that shows the personal style of occupants.

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