Scandinavian Décor- the new trend in interior designing

 Clutter free minimal, Scandinavian décor is a new trend dominating Indian interior designing market. It calls for wooden flooring, natural lighting and eco-friendly materials. In this article, we have provided you tips on how to add pop of this décor.

The world of interior décor often takes inspiration from different cultures. The British style of interior decoration involves a shabby chic and a vintage vibe whereas incorporating Paris theme decoration involves pared down aesthetic. India is eminent for all ornate, colored, whereas Oriental look is steeped in nature and tradition. The latest interior décor trend is finding trend from interior designing blogs and magazines. Scandinavian trend is making a mark with unique designs and popular style. Iconic furniture brand Ikea is leading the pack by helping to bring Scandinavian furniture is making limelight. According to Gayatri Sekhri, creative head of interior designing firm Pomegranate Design, this kind of décor style is known for its simplicity, minimal lines and functionality characterized by correct use of lights, minimum ornamentation and utility.

Even though this kind of style is based on simplicity and minimalism, emerged from the year 1950, it has become increasingly sought after among people looking to break from clutter and focus on minimalism. This design is inspired by simplicity and affordable luxury, says Rajkumar Jain, owner of lifestyle store, Anemos. While our forefathers emphasized on grand furniture details and younger couples are opting for less clutter. Here’s how you can add Scandinavian décor to your home.

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Here are some tips to abide by:

Set the tone

The director Sanavi Alagh Nair, director of Online store Houseproud in says that the use of natural tone, light, grey toned furnishings, light colored wood and white are key elements of this style. Eco-friendly tones, clean furniture and shuttered cabinets are highlight of this look. Avoid wall to wall carpeting, bright furnishing or dark wood furniture. Wood plays a crucial role. Though the furniture should be long lasting, durable both in terms of style and comfort. Wood must be used for flooring and as cladding on the walls and ceilings. This adds texture and warmth. Sekhri further points out those eco-friendly aspects are a big part of the interior design element. These include triple glazing, insulation for walls and roofs and ground source heat pumps.

Color therapy

The colors like distressed white often with hint of grey or blue as an accent detail or mixed with the paint, is a new trend, says Sarita Handa eminent founder and creative head of her lifestyle label. You can even use accent colors like blues and red by way of upholstery and soft goods to make the home look pop.  Blue and white striped embroidery upholstery is one great idea. Jain, too stresses on the importance of neutral shades like cool grey, pale, blue white and cream for the right touch. Sekhri further adds, Cool colors give the home a perfect ambiance. Don’t mix bold patterns, let the space to breathe in. if you wish to add color, do it in small doses, through an ornate lamp or paintings.

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Go back to the fundamentals

According to Nair, eminent designer, it is difficult to maintain this look, as the home looks dirty after certain time period. You need to keep an hawk’s eye on cleanliness and exercise lot of restraint to keep things simple and clutter free. Accessories should be minimal and multiple décor items need to give way for few well placed, eye catching accessories. Replace the heavy drapes of your bedroom with sheer linens and keep the bed cover in light shades. Add fresh cut flowers and bowls of vegetables and fruits throughout the home. Scandinavian décor is also about decorating outdoors of the home, so don’t ignore terrace. You can add rich textures using elements like lamps, motifs, rugs and textiles.

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