Separate Loos- a new trend

The trend of separate loos is making a new trend and it is expected to become more popular in the near future. The designers say that the concept of dedicated loos for spouses has made its way in metro cities and other places. Even companies have constructed separate loos for both men and woman. The new age customers are even insisting on such arrangement. Though it cost customers a lot of money, but there are lots of people who are opting for such arrangement. They don’t mind spending money on dedicated loos. Experts say that top-notch loos cost around 1 lakh to 5 lakh. The toilets of woman is equipped with various accessories like bath tub while male have shower enclosures, music system and TV’s. The bathroom of hers is merged with her powder room as well. This arrangement is well equipped with dressing table also. The color of the loo is also crucial, as the color scheme vary according to the gender. Ladies opt for fuchsia or blue colors, however men don’t have much preference.

According to Devinder Gupta, chairman and MD of Delhi based realty advisory firm clearly says that a large number of expatriates living in main cities in the countries prefer home that can get separate loos for both him and her. It seems dedicated loos is not new concept in many countries. There are many landlords in posh areas of metro cities, which are redeveloping their flats to meet the changing times.

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Aside from dedicated loos, there are many couples who buy 2 or 3 BHK flats and prefer dedicated toilets. It is an unwritten rule that they don’t use each other toilets. They use looks according to their requirements. Renowned engineer Azmal Zaheer Khan says” We have already started building dedicated loos within an area of 50 sq feet. Generally, we design loos for big apartment, in terms of area. And once dedicated loos are ready, it’s up to the users to equip them with gadgets of their requirements.

Experts even confirm that as more and more Indians visit abroad these days and see such trend, they try to copy here in India too. With more disposable income in the pockets, rich Indians don’t mind spending some amount on these dedicated loos.

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