How to design a powder bathroom?

When we design home, it is important to think about how our homes would make people comfortable. The roots of good powder bathroom lies in this idea! It is important to have a bathroom that is warm, inviting and environment friendly. The decision to have the bathroom depends upon several factors like area of the house, lifestyle and personal preferences. Powder bathroom are good for big spaces. In flats, one doesn’t need to waste area on extra bathrooms. People who like to socialize need to have a powder room for the guests. A commode and wash basin is main elements of the space called as powder bathroom. Some people compromise mid way and just have a single basin near to the dining table.

Sort your basics

Many interior designers emphasize on the idea of getting right basic facilities before zeroing on powder room. Plumbing facilities are important. Newer buildings must have provisions for powder bathroom. For older homes that are already designed, there may be certain restrictions on the location of bathroom due to some practical problems. Once you get the basic right is sure that you get plumbing lines sorted. Once you know that you have right plumbing lines, go ahead and see some decor ideas. Location is important. It should be near to the living room and still not face to face. It is important to see that it blends with overall decor of the home in a subtle manner and is quite accessible.
How to decor the powder room

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The design of the bathroom should complement with overall home and it is important to select right fixtures. If the room is ethnic, select the appliances accordingly. If powder room is contemporary, ensure that you invest in good looking faucets that are in tune with modern times. However, you need to plan some space for items that guest would likely use. Wall mounted or open shelves are great for the guests, as they can quickly identify what they need. Powder bathrooms are smaller than other bathrooms of the home. So, give a thought to its layout that makes sink accessible and see the commode doesn’t occupy much space. Use of reflective materials like mirrors helps a lot. Designers think that lightning should also be given due consideration.

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