Sun Room Design Ideas

The sun room is a place in the house which is meant exclusively for the purpose of relaxation. It is that room in the home which has the maximum access to sunlight and is consequently a very popular place to inhabit. The sun room can be designed in a variety of ways in order to look like a wonderful place in which to stay. Decorating a sun room can be a simple affair if one considers a number of vital tips for this purpose. Some of the ideas which one can consider when decorating a sun room are as follows.

There should be limited furniture in a sun room. Too many furniture items can make movement in the sun room very difficult for an individual. A sun room will fail to be a destination where one can relax and unwind if it is completely crowded with desks and chairs and other pieces of furniture. There should ideally be just one sofa and one bed in the sun room and nothing else. The feeling of space will make the individual who is basking in the rays of the sun more relaxed and consequently quite rejuvenated as well.

A sun room should feature wall colors that are of the most vibrant shades. Red, orange and yellow are some of the colors that should be used to paint the walls of a sun room. One can also decorate a sun room using pastel shades. However bright shades can enhance the feeling of joy and excitement a lot more than the pastel shades can.

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The sun room should have broad windows. This is because broad windows will facilitate the rays of the sun to flood the entire room with its warmth and light in comparison to windows of a small size that will allow only a limited amount of light to enter the room.

A sun room should be equipped with an air conditioner. It should also not be too small in size and should be able to house five or six people without the room getting crowded. The more spacious the room is the better, will the sun’s rays be able to occupy this room. Thus, designing a sun room in a house can be done with ease provided one takes these ideas into consideration. The sun room is one that should ideally be situated at the end of the house.

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