Swap your unwanted DVDs and CDs for money

MusicMagpie, the only website that lets you swap your unwanted Games, DVDs and CDs for money!

Yes! You read it right; sell your DVD’s or CD’s, they give you money for the unwanted Games, DVDs and CDs without much of a hassle!

Like a majority of people, its  sure thing you have a room or cabinet of DVDs, CDs and Games that you have watched, re-watched, played and played many times and you are running out of room to store them.

They are now giving you an opportunity to make money from the stored movies, music and games! And guess what? The process is easy, all you have to do is enter the barcodes of your items into Valuation Engine and gain an instant price as well as benefit from creating more room as you get paid for it, how cool is that?

So How Does it Work?
Once we have verified the items in their systems, you can then send them for FREE. You can place all your items in a single box and send them to their office.

They know that the customer is King and they see to it that each customer experiences fun and gets rewarded for transacting with us.

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They are passionate about our job and we are dedicated to see our customers move away from the slogan “I’ve sold my DVDs, Games and CDs” to our slogan “I’ve musicMagpie’d my stuff”.

They encourage our past, current and prospective customers to visit our twitter page and see the sort of positive reaction we elicit. Their Twitter handler is @musicMagpie

Recycling and Saving the Planet
In the spirit of fighting off Global warming and saving our future generations, they embraced the initiative to swap your movies, music and games with you at a price and they shall do the recycling on your behalf! Yes they are noble like that!

They have set up a blog page where they request you our past, current and prospective customer to share your valued opinions on anything that touches, Movies, Music and Video Games and how they can better their services, by offering you CASH and recycling on your behalf.

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