Upcycle to achieve some quirky results

If you’re hoping to spruce up your home then there are loads of ways to do so that needn’t cost the earth. After a cold winter, which may have seen you taking steps such as buying boiler insurance to safeguard your central heating, now might be the time to focus on the more decorative aspects of your home.

You could of course hit the shops, but that might take its toll on your wallet. So why not consider upcycling some old items to give them a whole new purpose? This is easy to achieve by using things around your home and beyond that are no longer being used and the possibilities are almost endless. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Unusual bookends

Whether you’re an avid reader or more of a fan of DVDs you can be a little bit creative with the way you display them. Books look great on shelves but to stop them tumbling over you’ll probably need a bookend. Rather than purchasing one why not try using an old telephone handset, or if you’ve old toys – such as an Action Man – lying around then why not cut them in half and stick either side of the shelf for a quirky prop up.

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Make bowls from old vinyl

At one time a vinyl collection would have been the pride and joy of many people, but due to advances in technology some are likely to have wound up being unloved and doing little more than gathering dust. Even if you do still use your record player there’s likely to be a couple of records you can bear to part with, after all we’ve all liked songs that we later look back on and cringe about. So why not make them in to some eyecatching bowls? Doing so is simple, all you need is a baking tray, a metal colander and an oven. Turn the colander upside down on the tray, put the record on top and place inside at around 100 degrees Celsius. Keep an eye on it and when it begins to melt get to work on bending and shaping it as you desire (while being careful not to burn your fingers) and you’ll soon have some original items to show off!

Bar stool desk

If you’ve recently invested in some new furniture and have old bar stools left around, or know a venue that has, then don’t let them go to waste. Fixing a length of wood to the top of two of them can make an unusual – put perfectly functional – desk. It could save you a fortune and is kind to the environment too.

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Wine barrel table

Old wooden wine barrels might not be something you have lying around the house but that’s not to say you won’t be able to pick them up easily enough. The oak will look great in your home and serve as a functional place to rest your wine glass. There are a number of ways you can add the finishing touches, such as adding an additional layer to the top of the barrel and even cutting a door in to it for a little storage space. It’s even been shown that it’s possible to turn them in to an arcade machine!

Re-use an old jar as a glass

Old jars can serve multiple purposes, from storing small items such as nails and screws to serving as a unique glass. If you’re hosting a cocktail party then why not personalise each jar for your guests and serve up your drinks in them with a straw.

There are so many ways to re-use items lying around your home so why not have a go yourself?

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