Ten tips on how to select right lampshade for your room?

It is a known fact that illumination creates aesthetic effect in the room. Though natural lightning is the best for the room, but artificial lighting improves overall look of the room. Chandeliers, lampshades, pendant lights, task lights, all are some ways to create a beautiful effect in the room. But in this article, we will limit ourselves to how to select apt lampshade for your home. When selecting perfect lamps for your home interior do consider what kind of lampshade is the best for your home setting. It should complement with your all over home decor. Here are some quick ideas that will help you to select the perfect lampshade for your home.

Select a lampshade that goes well with overall look of the room

Your living room, bedroom and any space that needs illumination should be looked as a whole while selecting lampshade colors. If you want lampshades to remain as a focal point of the room-then select bold lamp shades that will stand out amongst other interior decor. In order to lend more subtle approach use neutral lampshades in the room!

Lampshade of the room should match with its base

When hunting for the perfect, check the base and lampshade as a combination.  Whether you need to add tall and slender lampshade or a wide and broad lampshade it depends upon its base. The lampshade should be low enough to cover the switch lightly, but not very low that you have to reach up and under it to on a lamp switch.

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Check whether it goes with your space or not

Before you get too focussed on how the lampshade looks, don’t forget to look at overall space. A bedside lampshade requires low profile and if a bedside table is small or there is no space to get in and out of bed, small is the best. While a floor lamp situated next to the wingback chair can be easily placed in a living room.

 Determine the use of lampshade, functionality or aesthetic view point

Every lampshade has different functions, some just look nice for your home other doesn’t need to be just for a function. Though there are various lightshades that diffuse the light from light bulbs and creates warm and inviting ambiance, other are for reading purpose. The color of the lampshade also makes a difference.  Using all white lamp shade in home will offer maximum illumination. Consider using light toned shades for more light diffusion to the room and use dark shades to create ambiance in your living space.

 Choose a pendant light that compliments with the home arrangements

Pendant lampshades are not a new trend. It dates back to 60’s and 70’s era when large graphics and color was in huge demand! Bring all these retro accessories into your dining room pendant lampshade. Ensure that your dining table imitates the similar style that compliments with the fixture.

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Lampshade for bathroom

When searching for the right lampshade, bear in mind that lamps should go well with the bathroom, basement or laundry room to add ambiance to the room. In many modern homes, designers are emphasizing on using pendant drum lampshades to create a focal point over a free-standing bathtub. If you have a countertop area in the laundry room, why not place a small lamp as a nightlight or ambiance when walking in a dark laundry room? The right lampshade will make a great impact for unconventional spaces.

 Make a distinct statement with a lampshade

When buying the right lampshade also look at the overall decor of the room to determine if you would consider making a statement or would prefer lampshade that go well with the surrounding decor. Complimenting color fabrics when used on the furniture can be inspiration for the lampshades. It should match with the similar color palettes like textiles, wall paper, area rugs and throw pillows.

Safety is of great importance

After you have selected the right lampshade, ensure that it fits at a proper distance from the light bulbs as all light bulbs emit heat. The size harp can be adjusted with the lampshades, which is the metal arms that extend from the saddle of the lamp to hold the lampshade. Another way to adjust the lampshade is to adjust at a distance or to use variety of fitters that sit above the lampshade to ensure that it adequately safe and secure. Ultimate aim is to prevent lamspshade from burning.

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Check out shapes and sizes of the lampshade

If you wish to replace current lampshade to another lampshade, consider various shapes available in the market. Starting from a drum/ cylinder, floor, coolie, empire to traditional to bell shape, enough of designs are available in the market. Many lamp manufacturers can help you to select the right lampshade by choosing the base and they will give suggestion of what shape will fit the best.

 Create DIY look

In this modern world of social sharing the ability to create DIY projects customized according to own preferences. If you are creative and imaginative enough why not make your own lampshade with ribbon, crocheted rosettes, fabric or other decorative items to create a unique look for the room.  For creative ideas look at various social networking sites like Pininterest, Etsy and other craft sites for simple and creative lampshades. You will love this look too!

In a nutshell think all these factors before you buy lampshades.

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