Tips for Purchasing a new house

Purchasing a new house is one of the biggest acquisition which you take and you would want to be properly advised if you want to follow through this decision. It is also recommended to do a professional home inspection on the house you are interested to purchase. It will make your home buying decision making process more objective.  If you are in the beginning of your house hunting process, you can check on Lend Lease houses for sale in Adelaide, for properties in Australia. For people in the US, you can check out Zillow or Realtor. These sites will help you to sort through possible house choices and find the perfect property.

Home Inspection Tips

  • Hiring Professional Home Inspector

The first thing which a prospective home owner need to do is hire a professional home inspector. They are experts on this subject and are better equipped to understand and evaluate a property than anyone else. Equipped with latest knowledge and experience, they can inspect the property from top to bottom and give you a fair assessment on its condition.

  • Plumbing System

During inspection, it’s important to have the plumbing system verified against flaws in the system. This can result in other issues like unwanted water drainage and/or accumulation of water in the interior as well the exterior of the house. This can likewise result in the damage to the foundation of the house. The lines of the plumbing system are installed throughout the house and if plumbing lines are poorly installed, it can damage your interior and exterior walls. This can lead to peeling of the paint on walls, molds on the upper surface of the interiors and what not. So, instead of getting involved in these after effects, it’s better if a home inspector check if the system is working properly.

  • The Structural Elements
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The home inspector must investigate the structural elements of the house, which includes the ceiling, roofing corners, leakage possibilities in home, internal walls, etc. Proper construction of the structural elements will ensure that the house is built according to specifications and conform with building standards. The inspector must check the roofing method and quality of the material used. He must also ensure that roofing workmanship is of the highest standards. You can also check if the roofing is appropriately insured so that you don’t have to bear the costs of faulty repairs in the future.

  • Attics and Roofs

Proper ventilation in the interiors of the house can control the energy consumption and in turn can result in better cost savings. If there is sufficient ventilation in house, it will increase the air circulation and the attic will be more comfortable. Also important to check is flashing on top of the roof.  If properly installed, accumulated water does not seep in the interiors of the house. This will protect the attic space and the inner walls from getting faded and damaged.

  • Installation of Gutters

With proper drainage system, all the accumulated water on the roof gets disposed off ensuring the roof doesn’t get damaged. Proper check must be done with the gutter pipes. The duct work, chimney arena, and covering on the sides of the chimney are very important. Look out for cracks and ensure they are filled up with appropriate waterproofing and concrete plaster materials to ensure a longer lasting chimneys.

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