Tips on how to create holiday friendly home

The summer holidays are a time meant to enjoy, travel, and to visit exotic locales and soak in spirit of enjoyment. But if you are not planning to visit anywhere, then also it is possible to bring the world to your doorstep, quite literally. Here’s a guide on how to bring the summer vibe right into your home.

When London comes to your home

It is easy to add the touch of British Capital in your home. There are several iconcographies to select from like- the union jack, the London bus, the telephone booth, and other iconic structures like Big Ben, London Eye, to name a few. Pepper these symbols all around your home with help of cushion covers, wall art, bed cover, and other accessories. If this come across as too glittery idea then go for floral prints, whitewashed furniture and vintage accents. Other items to accentuate the home include old-school door knobs, pastel colors, vintage collections and soft wall moldings will definitely bring a new look to your home.

When Tokyo drifts to your home

Though Tokyo is often co-related with its edgy street style décor, the Japanese style décor rest on other end of the other spectrum! This décor is all about keeping Zen look and minimalist style. Japanese Décor stands out from other kind of décor because of use of specific textures and material. It’s minimal and clean lines along with limited accessories and cues of nature make this décor special. In order to lend special effect to the home use motifs from Japanese culture, textures, like bamboo, stone, rice paper and silk, a futon bed along with Japanese art and typography on a bare wall to create right impact.

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When you wish to invite Paris at home

Parisian style of home décor is all about adding luxury and opulence at home. As purveyors of all things are modern, incorporating Parisian style home décor is simple. All you need to do is to incorporate art, architecture, texture and fashion that resembles Paris. Neutral shades like white, grey, pale pink, blue, also works well. Opt for wall sconces, candelabras,  Gilt framed mirrors and chandeliers to complete the look.

Aside from that, you can even add French windows, sheer curtains, bare white walls, interestingly designed coffee table, enticing rug, books in a good measure. Renowned interior designer Anand recommends you to add ivory touch to the home along with a hint of black color. Punctuate a minimal décor with stylish pieces like an ornate headboard. Give your furniture a vintage look.

New York calling

The city New York reminds us of Upper East side, the hipster vibe, Brooklyn, SoHo, and a hipster vibe. In order to create New York look, incorporate a simple color palette with contemporary furniture. If you wish to create New York style décor, let us remind you this style is distinctly modern, with large furniture and lots of light fixture. Turn to bold style from minimal style décor like unique coffee table or eclectic accessories.

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