How to use furniture as a focal point?

You can use furniture as a focal point of the room. Don’t know how? Well, in this article we will provide you tips on how to do so:


Furniture dictates flow of traffic

When it comes to arranging of furniture, in addition to function, it also dictates how your family and friends will move in that limited space. Anyone who has tried to vanish their too tight seating arrangements, can tell you the importance of leaving the proper amount of space. When it comes to leaving out space, there are few rules that you need to adhere to:

Keep the number of pathways to minimal- two is more than enough

Send the movement around seating groups

Leave enough space to stand between tables and seats

Push furniture away from the walls

Arrange seating area in clustered position to make conversation process easier

Break large rooms into small multiple groups

If you are in doubt, take a test how to make space large enough

Those who are visual learners, may enjoy the ability to test out multiple furniture arrangements without having to push the furniture. There are many interior designers that can help you to do that or you can take help of apps available on Ios phone and see  how your furniture will look.

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 Crux: Check whether the movement is possible

 Furniture helps to maintain visual weight

When you hear the term visual weight, it appears to be a complex term. However, in reality, you instinctively knows what we are talking about. Imagine how you would feel if all your furniture and fixture is placed in a similar side of room. It looks dreary and overcrowded, isn’t it? Visual weight is all about maintaining a balance in the room. If you are dealing with multiple, big components make sure to spread around the space, so that one side doesn’t feel more weighted as compared to others. Try to do your best to group large furniture items to add visual interest to the space. The best tool how to do the same is with your eyes. When you think that you have found an arrangement that works, just take a moment to have a look at the room as a whole! This small change will provide you clue whether one side feels weighted as compared to others and this will help you to make arrangements accordingly.

 Crux- Group small and large objects in order to create visual weight to the room!

Furniture defines your style

Lastly, the furniture that you select defines your personal style and allows your room to speak a language of its own. After all, many of us don’t know ABCD of interior designing, hence it is better to pick a style that defines what you are. Whether it is eclectic or minimal design home should reflect your personality. Remember, interior designing creates a psychological effects and choices that we make effect our perception. The factors like seating arrangements for guests, comfort over style and brands that you purchase plays a big role, so weigh your decisions carefully. How to do it? Well, it’s simple. All you need to do find art pieces that you get inspired from. Interior designing sites, books are good place to start. But don’t be a copycat! Think before you leap! The best interior design should reflect your individuality. Believe in your instincts.

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Crux- Flaunt your individual style


Most of us will agree to this fact that furniture plays an important role in the field of interior designing. However, would you argue to this fact? Have a look at above-mentioned post. Who knows you may get an idea on how to decor your home differently.  You may just be inspired to give your couches or coffee table a fresh and new look.  Do tell how do you feel? What do you think is furniture important for your room? Do you believe that furniture should come first when it comes to interior designing? Share your opinion in the comment section given below.

We would like to hear from you!



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