Up your property’s potential!

If you are thinking of putting your property on the market, there may be some work to do to your house first in order to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

These are financially difficult times, so it is vital that you do everything you can to add as much value to your home as possible.

The key rooms to renovate are the kitchen and bathroom. Where as a living room or bedroom can be easily re-plastered or redecorated; the bathroom and kitchen have specific functions that require a lot more expense.

For example, a kitchen will have a fridge, oven, hob, units and cupboards and a bathroom needs a fully functioning bath or shower, basin and toilet. If these rooms are fully kitted out, fairly neutral and clean and modern, then the potential buyer will have less to do to it when they move in. A bathroom which has old fashioned fixtures sounds alarm bells for the buyer who will have to account for an extra expense if they purchased the property.

A plumber who owns a company specialising in twyford bathrooms said “A bathroom is key within a property to attract buyers as it is the most commonly used room in a house. I have remodelled many bathrooms in Cheshire and have always found that a white, modern twyford bathroom suite will bring the buyers in. A kitchen is also important, simply replacing the cupboard doors can help to clean up the look of the kitchen, but it has to be functionally well made as well.”

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Another important point when it comes to these rooms is the flooring. A lino is a cost effective option to make the room look far more appealing. A frayed, dull and damaged carpet is not something buyers want to see, and will not do anything for your property’s sale-ability.

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