Which is the best door for your home?

Doors can create long lasting impression and showcase your personality. Additionally, while selecting a door, you need to exercise great caution. So, what to do? Here we have presented some options, which door is the best.

Swapping Doors- Doors create as much impression as an expensive piece of furniture. They can be touched and seen every day, so don’t go for cheap replacement s- match the style to the rest of the room features as much as it is possible.
Why go for new
By updating the door, you can add bling to your otherwise dreary room. Or you can give your home a contemporary upgrade, simply by replacing cheap blanks with doors that have character.
Although replacing doors may not be straightforward. You need to add an extra hinge to support heavier door and the timber strips inside the door frame, the stops, may need to be prised depending upon the width of the door. Also, door frames may not match with the new one, hence you need to get it fit. It will add significantly to carpentry bill. Here are things that you need to consider:

What you need to consider:
Before you buy any door, check with the control department whether the new door adhere with laid fire regulations. It might be that old doors need to be replaced with fire-resistant doors and it will invariably lower down the choice and price. Here is the list of doors that you can buy from the market.

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Panel Doors

The local DIY store stores lot of patterns of four panel doors along with it there are innumerable variations and a specialist supplier should have capability to match the door with the rest of the doors. These doors are made from solid soft or hardwood frames and panels, so you can cut and plane down to fit to a particular frame. You can even buy fully glazed panel doors.

It should match with the existing doors or features of the room.
It could be cut to fit to various frame sizes.
Superior Quality
Hardwood doors are bit pricey as compared to normal ones
Moulded Doors

These doors have traditional panel door, but it costs less. The shaped surface can be easily formed using wood, plastic or manmade board, or sometimes with a wood effect or coloured effect.
It is cheaper in comparison to panel door
It can be finished readily, so no painting and varnishing is required
It looks cheap; hence not recommended

Flush Doors

It is the cheapest flush door that is made by sandwiching honeycomb card layer between two sheets of plywood. The edges are reinforced with thin timber pattern along with extra material around the door hinges and door lock. Sturdy versions have chipboard. Thin patterns have the outer frame, this means you c an cut more than 5 mm from each side or 10 mm from the top or bottom. As the timber lock is only on one side, the door must hang correct way. Caution must be taken for the same, while fitting.
It is cheaper as compared to panel doors
You can order off the peg from DIY stores
Light and easy to handle
It looks out of place in case of old furniture
It can’t be trim down according to the bespoke requirements

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Fire Resistant Doors

Earlier fire resistant doors were unknown concept, but today more and more homes are fitted with such kind of doors. The reason why these doors have become popular or most sought after because they offer safety feature, as newly upgraded properties. These doors are thicker in contrast to normal and are rated with fire resistance time that is 30 minutes to one hour. One can even select from flush, moulded or glazed. These doors have dense compressed core material and extra weight. It means that they require a strong frame and special hinges along with closing mechanism.
Replacing conventional door with fire resistant is a kind of trade, as frame needs to be changed. Also, you need to add a sealant strip that seals the room against smoke in case of fire. Ensure that you check the doors with Fire Offer before any work commence. Finally, if you reside in conversion, these doors have sound deadening property.

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