Upgrading Your Kitchen

On average home owners upgrade their kitchens every five to ten years. This is often because of the associated cost and the durability of kitchens. The average kitchen can cost anywhere from £5000 upwards. This large cost means getting the new kitchen build process right is essential for many families. In this article we aim to discuss options available to kitchen buyers and how they should go about it.

The first and possibly most important thing to do is to consider your budget. If you have a small budget then you might want to look at just replacing the kitchen cabinets and worktop. This can dramatically improve the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have a big budget then you can spend time looking at expensive fittings and extras. A good finish with the latest appliances can significantly increase the value of your kitchen. People with a good size budget will look to buy a fully fitted kitchen from select ranges.


As with any project planning is crucial. You will want to start by thinking about the size of your room. Take down the exact measurements as this will come in use when starting the design phase. Think about the type and style of kitchen you might like. What layout do you want to go for and will it fit in your chosen space? In store kitchen planners can help with this.

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The internet has meant kitchen buyers have access to a large wealth of information. There are many sites out there designated to kitchen planning. Some of the larger kitchen companies also offer virtual kitchen planners. You should read about other people’s experiences and speak to the experts. This can be invaluable.


Now that you have a budget in mind and have a certain idea about style you should start looking at kitchen models. This will be easier if you have done the right level of planning. Arm yourself with all the relevant facts and stats. You can then look on the internet and visit some of the larger kitchen stores.

Once you have taken a look around you should list the different stores along with different designs that you liked. You can then go back to these and book a design appointment. This is where a specialist will put together a model of the kitchen for your home. It usually includes all the request appliances and gives you a real insight into what your kitchen might look like.


When researching kitchens you will probably find several kitchens that you like. You will also find that many retailers sell similar styles of kitchen. This means you can shop around before making a purchase. You should try and get several quotes.

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Once you have made your decision you should look at the costing structure. If you have the ability to put together the kitchen yourself then you might want to do this. It can save you a great deal of money. You could also look into buying some appliances separately. The easiest and often most popular choice however is the fitted kitchen package. This is where the retailer comes and fits it for you. This option usually ensures you get the best quality fit and the work is guaranteed.

Buying a new kitchen is a big decision so you should take your time and follow some of the steps outlined in this article.

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