Get your home ready to sell

If you’re looking to sell your home and want to get your house ready for potential buyers to view, then there are some quick tricks that you can quickly do to help you make your house look and feel as sellable as possible.

Here are some tips on where to start.

Get your paint and paintbrush at the ready!

A fresh coat of paint across your walls can really help give your house that much needed sparkle. Get rid of the scuffs, marks, stains that comes with the wear and tear of living in your house every day. If you have a very specific style that may not appeal to the masses, it might be worth it, if you have the time, to paint your rooms neutral. Employing a professional like Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors to paint both your interior and exterior walls will speed up the process. This helps a buyer imagine the room with their own furnishings inside as they walk around the house.

Let the light shine on in!

Make sure that all your bulbs are in working order and that all lights that are featured around the home aren’t too dated as this will make them assume the rest of the house is dated with old fixtures and fittings.

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Get rid of your clutter!

Keep each room as clutter-free as possible. Remove all your ornaments from the fireplace and go through all of your wardrobes, cupboards, shelves and drawers and get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore. Think, ‘do I want to take this onto my new home?’

Anything you don’t want that’s in a good condition, take onto your local charity store.

Spruce up your bathroom

A clean and modern bathroom is a great selling point for a house and if you have that in place then you’re already on your merry way to a sale. However, if your bathroom is dated and you don’t have the cost or time to spruce it up, make sure that you give it a coat of bright, white paint and some new lighting to make it feel bright and airy. Use a neutral shower curtain and bathmat and make sure all bottles, flannels etc are tidied away and not on display.

Final curtain

If your curtains are ancient, take them down. If you don’t have to worry about being overlooked then make the space open so that the natural light can shine through. If you can, buy some basic, neutral curtains to make it feel cosy.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Small rooms can appear bigger if you add mirrors to the walls. It also adds additional light which can help make a room appear brighter.

First impressions count!
Spruce up your driveway and get rid of all the weeds that maybe growing in between the flags. Use a jet wash to clean up the flags on the driveway. Mow the lawn and plant some nice flowers that are in season so that it looks like it is kept on top of. Tidy up your porch if you have one and remove any clutter. Replace the door bell if it isn’t working and clean any brass door knobs and knockers.

Clean up the backyard
Paint over the shed and fences, powerwash the flags, tidy up the conservatory, mow the lawn, cut back overgrowing trees and bushes, plant some flowers and add plant pots to the patio. If you have lots of kid’s toys that are left outside, put some away so the back garden doesn’t look too cluttered. If you have a pond or water feature, make sure it is all clean and tidy.

Happy house hunting and selling!

Ian Shaw from regularly writes articles for home improvement websites. He is especially interested in advising others on how innovative glazing solutions can make a huge difference to a home.

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