Using Illuminated Mirrors

Many people think that illuminated mirrors are only for makeup studios and salons, and for those who are totally narcissistic. However, lit mirrors have their own function in the home, and they can give a new look to any interior space, especially when they are set up in the right part of the room.

Illuminated mirrors are actually great for small spaces. They not only stretch the interior space with the reflection, but also they make the room wider because of the bright light.

When using illuminated mirrors, perhaps you can check out these tips first:

Install one to create an angle of perspective

When installing an illuminated mirror, you are creating a focal point out of the area in which it will be placed. Hence, if you are living in a small home, you may want to set up a lighted mirror in an area that will create an angle of perspective towards the whole space. This is because the light it displays, as well as the reflection of the mirror will be lines your eyes will follow when roaming around the room.

On top of a vanity

For functional reasons, install a well-lit mirror on top of your vanity. This will make your grooming routine easier to handle.

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As a centerpiece

If you want to add more life and depth to your empty wall space, then an illuminated mirror would do the trick. It not only lights up the room, but as well gives a modern touch to the supposedly barren space.

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