Using Textured Table Linens

Table linens do more than just cover the table surface; they also add a decorative appeal to the table, its chairs, and the overall room setting. You can actually use mantels to add life to your living room and dining room, especially when you know how to choose the kind to use.

Textured table linens are becoming more popular these days because of their patterns and designs. They are either embroidered or embossed with lines and curves without affecting color or changing the fabric as a whole.

Among the things you may want to know about textured lines are:

1. Perfect for extravagant occasions. Textured table linens are perfect for parties and extravagant dinners, mainly because their patterns offer more drama and depth. If you are going to host a special dinner for friends and important guests, then you may want to cover your dining table with a textured mantel in bronze, yellow or red, as these shades are warm and boost the appetite.

2. Embroidered linens for rustic tables. Meanwhile, if you want a rustic, countryside appeal to your dining room, then you can use an embroidered tablecloth instead. These linens promote a homely vibe, and are fit for small tables and spaces that embrace the childhood nostalgia ambience.

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3. Quilt linens. On the other hand, quilt linens come in vibrant colors and shades. They are not suitable for dining areas though, as they are scene stealers and can be confusing to the eyes. Quilt tablecloths are thus suitable for coffee tables and vanities in the living room.

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