Which curtain is the best for your home?

Curtains play an important role for home décor. And since the living room is heart of any home and it is a place for all social get together, outings, you need to bear in mind how to preserve it and what kind of curtains can help you to do so. Your choice will be influenced by family’s lifestyle. These are the best way to add bright colors to the home aka living space and of course one can’t forget its traditional use- to block light streaming through the windows. Curtains are the best way to maintain privacy in the living room. So, before selecting your living room curtains, you must keep in mind following factors like:

Whether it complement with overall look of the room including furniture design, wall color and other elements OR NOT?
What would be the effect of sunlight over curtain’s color while you are selecting
What is your budget?What are the varieties available in the market like fiber ex brocade, cotton, linen, net, rayon, silk, satin, wool and velvet?

If budget permits, you can select your favorite fiber with other accessories like sequins, beads or with rich embroidery work. These kinds of décor are suitable for traditional living room, but in order to complete the look, opt for expensive fabrics and lavish trimmings. On the other side, if you have modern décor for the living room, go for two or three toned wall colors with a plan fabric. ree- toned wall colours, select plain fabric.

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For Victorian kind of décor, the curtains must be tied back to give flows and folds. One can use drapery curtains that are generally used for decorative purpose and to make the room look sophisticated. In order to give right appearance to the curtains, a proper lining and interlining is important. Lining on the curtains increases the lifespan as well as fullness to the curtain, but select the fabric carefully, as all designs don’t go well with all the material.If you are really fond of overhanging layered curtains, cotton fabric is the best option. And if you like pleated curtains in your living room, don’t opt for satin and silk fabric.

For living room windows, you can use blinds and chic. In the market, you can get embroidered chic in different colors. If you are confused with the variety available in the market and cannot make up your mind as to which curtains go well with the living room, don’t worry. Just take a small piece if selected materials and hang it to the place where you want to incorporate the curtain. By doing this one can get an idea what works the best during the day and night. By doing this, you will definitely get an idea as to which fabric complements with the living room décor or not.

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