Fabric for your furniture

We all like to decorate home with different designs, not only with regard to home style but the kind of furniture we select. Often our home furniture design is based on a particular the,e. This is of course, a nice way to add personality to the home. However, sometimes we really don’t pay attention to the fabric we use for our themed furniture. This might defeat the very purpose of the theme as every furniture demands different kind of upholstery fabric to get right effect. You may use different design for your home like antique, traditional, modern or contemporary, but furniture fabric should complement with the room in order to get that wow factor.

Fabric for antique furniture

It is a nice thing to keep the upholstery fabric of the furniture in its original form. However, sometimes the bad condition of the fabric leads us to recover the same. Try to get the similar fabric as that of furniture. If you are not able to find it, use fabrics that gives an antique effect to the room like jacquard, polyster floral fabric or dyed chenille upholstery fabric. Leather is considered as the oldest fabric. You can use certain trimmings, which is an important feature of antique fabrics like frills and braids.
Fabric for traditional furniture

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The traditional home furniture designs are generally made from wood with a mix of straight and curved lines. They are smooth and comes with soft edges that can be blended as a whole. Their warm finished are complemented by rich textured fabric. For traditional homes, you can go for woven natural fabric or embroidered fabric that gives it a traditional feel.
Fabric for modern furniture

Modern furniture designs use a variety of materials like wrought iron, glass, metal, etc. They mostly carry straight lines to give smooth and clean feel. These modern furniture have fabrics that is considered as smooth without decorative texture. There is a difference in usage of furniture too-formal and casual. Luxurious silk, linen and top-notch quality leather are some fabrics apt for modern formal furniture designs while for modern furniture cotton, cotton blends and sometimes synthetic fibres are used for casual ones.

Fabric for contemporary furniture

Contemporary furniture designs are generally geometrically shaped- and are usually space saving, streamlined, lightweight and efficient. It is made from durable metals like tubular steels and chrome, glass, expensive wood and plastic sometimes reclaimed ones. Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, jute, silk are widely used for contemporary furniture designs. High quality leather, speciality fabrics like acetate, acrylic, microfiber and nylon are used for contemporary furniture designs, as they are easy to clean and maintain

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