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The choice of your sofa will depend on two main considerations: the colour of your walls and your own personality.
If your room is quite small, always choose neutral paint for the walls – this can make the room appear larger. Spacious rooms can easily get away with dark paint tones though. You might also want to consider having one feature wall painted in a bright colour, while the rest are neutral. This could be ideal when choosing your sofa – you could match it to the paint used on your feature wall to pull the room together nicely.

The couch should either be in the same colour family or a complementary colour to your walls. For example a navy blue couch can be a nice choice that will be beautifully offset by light blue walls.
navy blue couch
A complementary choice would be colours at opposite ends of the spectrum like blue and orange. That may be too bold for you and that is where your personality comes in. You can use a colour wheel to find complementary colours and different hues of the same colour.

When choosing a couch, remember these points:

1. Coordinate the couch’s colour with the walls.

2. If you have a favorite piece of furniture, match the sofa to that. They can be two different styles but the colours should be coordinated.

3. Consider the size of the room – a large couch will be out of place in a smaller room. A large room can benefit by a contrasting coloured couch adding drama to the room’s effect.

4. Wood showing on the couch must not clash with the walls. Oak goes best with lighter shades such as beige and cream. Cherry and other dark woods can be a used with darker walls.

5. Consider the amount of light the room gets. Lighter colours go best when there is a good amount of sunlight.

6. Test the colour by putting swatches of fabrics against the walls before deciding on the sofa.

Personality and colour coordination is the key to making the right choice for a sofa in your home. The size of the room is a factor, but it’s the colours and your personality will also combine to make the room’s overall effect.

This article was written by AHF Furniture, a well-known furniture and carpeting chain in the UK with regional stores.

Originally posted 2013-01-15 15:00:27.

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