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The color scheme of any room has a vital role to play in making the occupant of the room feel relaxed and comfortable. A teen girl is one who is always brimming with energy and leads a very active life. Hence the color scheme of this girl’s room should comprise of vibrant shades reflecting the joy and excitement that are characteristic of the teen years. Arriving at a color scheme for the bedroom of a teenage girl is not too difficult provided one keeps the following valuable tips in mind.

green teen girls bedroom idea
A vital tip which ought to be considered on the part of an individual seeking to choose a color scheme for a teenage girl’s room is to opt for shades which are quite lively. Popular examples include orange, yellow and leaf green. Red is also a good color with which to paint a teenage girl’s room. However this color has a tendency of creating a sense of claustrophobia.
blue shade teen girls bedroom
The inhabitant of the room might sometimes feel short of breath or restless if her room is painted in a color that is bright red. Baby blue is a good color to opt for when deciding on the palette for painting a teenage girl’s room.
white and pink teen girl bedroom idea
Girls are associated with feminine characteristics. As a result pastel shades like pink and beige can also be used in the painting of a teen girl’s room. These colors are essentially feminine and convey a feeling of relaxation and sobriety.
luxury girls bedroom designs
One should always make sure that the colors which are chosen for painting a teen girl’s room are those that are compatible with the color of the existing furniture. If the color of the furniture in the room is brown or black, then one should opt for the lighter shades like green and yellow in order to create a soothing effect.
color ideas for teenage girls bedroom
Stark colors should always be avoided when painting a teenage girl’s bedroom. Stark shades like grey and black are quite depressing to look at and can end up making the occupant of the room feeling quite low. Thus, there are quite a number of valuable tips which need to be considered when deciding on a particular color scheme for a teenage girl’s bedroom. Teenage girls symbolize youth and vitality and the colors which are used to decorate such a girl’s bedroom should be those that reflect similar qualities.
blue-green and white teen girls bedroom idea

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