Home Interior Design Tips How to add a new décor to your home?

With a few supplies and tools you can craft a new look to your home. Thinking how? Well, here are some tips on how to keep your home updated.

Blockbuster Cupboard


It is a DIY Cupboard for the movie buffs, who wants to remain updated with latest Bollywood release.

Materials Required- Cupboard, Cardboard, Paper, thermocol plates, photographs, paints, scissors, eraser and pencil.


  • Draw clapboard on the cardboard. Cut that leaving 4×3 space in the middle.
  • Paint the cutout in white and black
  • Take two thermocol plates and stick a white paper on both the sides to make it look like a photo frame
  • Draw a broad filmstrip on a cardboard paper, with a 4×3 space in the centre. Paint the outline in black or brown shade.
  • Then make a video camera cutout (follow the earlier steps) in blue or black shades
  • Stick the cutouts on the cupboard
  • Paste the pictures on designated spaces and fill in the gaps with image


How to create hanging hearts’


It is cutesy piece for woman who has entered in  new world of motherhood or who wants to decorate child’s nursery.

Supplies required- embroidery hoop, black and white paper, wooden buttons,, tapestry thread , needle, scissors, glue.

Time taken to complete the task-3-4 hours

  • Create different elements with help of paper and button. You can add photographs to it.
  • Create the framework of the mobile with help of loop and tapestry thread. Divide the hoop into even number of divisions.
  • Tighten the thread onto each section and extend to the centre. Take a central point to have a single thread extension to hold mobile.
  • Use six section to draw longer threads that will fall downwards.
  • Sew the mobile elements on the downward threads, passing the needles to the buttons.

How to add floral element to your home


This one is for nature freaks, who want to revamp personal space.

Supplies required-an open bowl style container or a vase, watr fresh marigolds, rose petals and a single rose

Time taken to complete the task—around 20 minutes

  • Fill around one third or a half of your container with water
  • Place marigold flower in the vase, enough to remain immersed in water surface
  • Sprinkle rose petals to the edge of the bowl or at a border.
  • Place the rose in the centre.
  • Additionally, you can add floating candles
  • A table setting for the home that is always occupied with the guests!

Quirky Table

Style Decor: Decorating Gallery: Dining Rooms

Supplies required- table cover, tree branches or stems, napkins, napkin rings, colored crockery, riverbed pebbles, red ribbon, flexible wire and scotch tape

Time required to complete the task-20 minutes

  • Add a cover on the table
  • Next, cut the branches into four equal divisions
  • Bind each one together with help of flexible wire; this structure will create a coaster design for the quarter plate. Place it on the top of the dinner plate and set a quarter plate.
  • Take a napkin and fold it into four equal divisions. Create a natural frill.
  • Use red ribbon, wrap both the ends of the spoon and fork  and tighten it with tape.
  • Take large shells and fill them with riverbed pebbles. Place the fork in this structure.
  • Repeat the same.

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