How to decorate a studio apartment?

With the growing population in metros, the old palatial houses are replaced with multi-storied apartments which have generally studio apartments. In earlier times, the old houses had several rooms and space was not constraint. But now the situation has changed dramatically. A studio apartment is enough for couple. Still, you need to manage! So, decoration of the space should be in a way so that you are left with an open space. The rooms in present day apartments are not as spacious as those in old buildings. Therefore, it depends upon your aesthetic sense on how to decorate the home. Before decorating small apartment, you must be aware about common mistakes done while decorating small rooms. Yes, though you can think about keeping your room simple, your room get congested with things. Take cue from these tips.

scandinavian-home-decor-with-scandinavian-home-decor-on-living-room-13 How to decorate a studio apartment?
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You can even hire an interior decorator or decorate by yourself, these simple mistakes that’s made for decorating can make a small room look congested and untidy.

6 mistakes to avoid while decorating a room

Small rooms can’t be decorated– one of the primary mistakes that people make while decorating a room is they think small room can never be adorned beautifully. Make it very clear that it is your artistic sense that defines décor of your room. So, never lose confidence and be satisfied however small room you have.

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Long curtains-one of the mistakes that people make for decorating a small room is using long curtains. If you hang large curtains it will occupy a large floor space and will make your room look small and congested.

Use mirrors– Mirrors can actually make the room look bright and spacious. It can break the monotony of dull room.  A tribal framed mirror can exhibit taste along with creating a big impact in the room. So, not having is definitely a crime for small room.

Furniture for every purpose– you have a small space. So, you need to store bedding and other items? It will be a fallacy to buy furniture for every need. Instead of that, buy multipurpose furniture. For example, a box bed to store bedding.

Use white shade- contrary to popular opinion, white shade can make your room look smaller and so do dark shades. You can be creative and paint the room in light shades like lemon, fuchsia, green etc. try different wallpapers, but not large designs.

Use lampshades– you may have seen suing bedside lamp or lampshade at your friend’s home. But those can make your room look clumsy and dull. Instead of that use brackets at the wall and put the bedside table at drawing room as center or as coffee table.

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