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Ganesh Chaturthi popularly known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi is an India festival celebrated with lot of pomp and pleasure all over India. It is a ten day long festival celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.


When it comes?


This festival generally comes between the months of August and September. People across various states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil celebrate this festival with lot of excitement.

How it is celebrated?


On this religious occasion people bring idol of Ganesh to home and is worshipped for 10 days and 11th day ends on Ganesh Visarjan.

Why it is celebrated?

Chinchpokali Cha Chintamani 2014

This festival is one of a kind festival celebrated across India. It marks the rebirth of Lord Ganesha, the most charming idol among Hindu deities. Lord Ganesha is known as the shrewdest God, and is known to bring success and good luck. Lord Ganesha is adored by his followers at the start of new ventures. It is focused around conviction that Lord Ganesha can weed away all trouble and hindrances from your life. Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi is accepted to have the ability to summon a connection with the vitality of Lord Ganesha inside us. It is on this D day Lord Shiva pronounced his child Lord Ganesha better than all divine beings.

How you can celebrate this festival?


People decorate their home or Puja room to welcome Lord Ganesha at thir home. Here in this article, we will provide you some home decorating tips for this special day.

Home decorating tips- How to decorate home in style?

You can take cue from below-mentioned tips:

Find a suitable place to establish idol– First and foremost before you decorate home is to find a suitable space to establish idol of Lord Ganesha and for that north east corner of the home is considered as most appropriate, as it brings happiness, so keep that area clean and tidy. Clean that whole home and purify it with scared Ganga Jal across all corners and rooms of the home before the festival starts, especially the area where you are planning to establish the idol.


Create a small mandap in your home– create a small mandap in your home or any raised platform can act as a mandap. You can even buy ready made thermocol decorated temple like structures known as makar from the market. Place Ganesh idol on a table or at the centre of the puja room, so that people could pay homage to divine Lord Ganesha. Spread bright colored cloth like red, green, yellow or maker before establishing the idol or just clean the floor or place a carpet or cloth on the ground and then set up a brass or wooden shrine where you can place the idol of Lord Ganesha. Make a beautiful Rangoli in front of Lord Ganesha or at the entrance of the door.


What if I place Lord Ganesha idol in Puja room?

Here are some tips on how to decorate Puja room

Tip 1- garlands of flowers


The best way to adorn your puja room is to decorate it with flowers. Create garlands of flowers and put it on the idols in your puja corner. You can even decorate the entrance of your puja room with help of flowers. This is one of the best ways to decorate puja room. Nothing can beat it! So, try it at least once.

Tip 2– what if lot of relatives are coming to celebrate this occasion


Well, there is no best way to celebrate the spirit of Ganpati other than mass gathering. In case, there is mass gathering, the open Puja space is the best plan. This will provide you enough space for worshipping. It will be the best Puja design ideas for Ganesha Chaturthi.

Tip 3- Alternate 2- Go for interior courtyard


Well, setting up the Puja room in the interior courtyard is another trick to adhere to. This will provide you large space to outline the Puja room as per your comfort. You can specially design that area keeping in mind Ganesha idols. This is more suitable and matching for the occasion.

Tip 4- if you have less space


If you less spacious Puja Room, try the best puja room decoration ideas and use it effectively. You can arrange Puja room essentials in a suitable way. This is the best way to accommodate Lord Ganesha in your small puja room or even in a restricted room.

Tip 5- how to decorate the puja room in a minimal way- use wall paper


One of the best ways to decorate the puja room in a minimal way is to use wall papers. Decorate the walls of puja room, especially behind the Ganesh idol with garlands, frills and balloons. You can even hang bright color curtains, dupatta  or sarees to add liveliness to the space. Green and yellow theme is the best way to decorate home for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Tip 6- decorate space with help of lights


Lights are the best way to enliven the fervour of Ganesh celebrations, now a days, electric lights are in trend, but to bring festive look and to consider eco-friendly way of celebration, earthen lamps or diyas in every corner of the room is important, especially around the mandap to illuminate the space. You can even buy hanging diyas from the market to decorate the space.


Tip 7- how to decorate idol of Lord Ganesha

After decorating puja room, the next step is to establish idol of Lord Ganesha and place Kalash on the shrine. Decorate it with sea shells, flower petals, fruits, incense sticks, diyas, flowers, along with it.



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