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For this festive season, you can also make cushion covers from organza or delicate silk material to add chic look to your home. Making your own cushions covers is too easy and you can personalize it according to your taste, plus you can add stones, tiny mirrors and stenciling.

Rhinestone cushions

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You can use rhinestone cushions to change the look of the cushions. Use a glue to attach rhinestones to the fabric. Use a Q-tip to dab fabric glue on the area of the material, where you want to place the rhinestones. Then, use a pair of tweezers to place the rhinestones. Allow the glue to dry.




If you are someone who likes traditional items, then go for cushions with mirrorwork. Fabric and mirrorwork are readily available in the market. You can stitch around or add square mirrors to a cloth, to make traditional cushion covers.


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You can even go for stenciling. Stenciling is useful when you want to paint or draw a design on a cushion cover. To create unique stencil, all you need is a computer, paper and printer. Remember to preview before you paint to get an idea for stenciling.

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