Colors that leave impact

It is a known fact that colours leave a great impact on our mind and it stimulates energy. The colours have a great effect on our mood, happiness and health. These colours have emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive impact. The right choice of colour helps us to enhance the flow of energy in the home. In this article, we have offered some Vaastu guidelines, which will help you to pick colours according to every room.

Colours have a great impact on emotions and behaviour of a person. They have a great impact on our life. Here are some colours that are considered as auspicious for the building.

Red– The colour red signifies bravery and power. It’s dramatic, emotional and active. They should be not be used in the bedrooms because it has energizing quality. It can be stressful to those people who are nervous.

Orange– It is a color that signifies power and spirituality. It encourages positive feeling, happiness and joyous relationship. Peach is a cool colour that leaves a deep impact on the rooms.
Green– The colour green represents environment, hope and freshness. It adds harmony in the home, hastens the recovery process and is necessary to maintain healthy environment in the room. Most of the hospitals use this colour because of its quick healing properties. The colour green can be used for study room as well as it rejuvenates the ideas.
Yellow– The colour yellow symbolizes patience and wisdom. It represents sunlight which means power. If the room receives direct sunlight, don’t paint the walls with yellow colour. For prayer rooms, this colour is apt.
Blue– The colour blue represents spring, growth and relaxation. This is a cool that can be used in the bedroom or for meditation rooms.
Purple– This is a colour that inspires faith, respect and trust. Never paint the room in a full purple colour as it may have an overpowering effect. However, light purple can be used to calm overall environment.
White– It is an elegant colour that looks good when blended with other colours. White ceilings are recommended by most of the people as it reflects light and create brightness in the room. The colour can be used in a north-west bedroom.
Pink- The colour pink signifies joy, happiness and pure feeling. It can be used as master bedroom and bedroom in the south and southwest.
Black– The colour black signifies lack of confidence and hope. It gives depressed and stressful feeling. Avoid using black and grey colour in the home, as it may cause frustration and hopelessness.
Colours according to the rooms
Bedroom– Pink is good color for the bedroom. Light blue and light green are also good for the bedroom. Select green colour for the children’s bedroom because it plays a key role in study of children.
Living Room– For living rooms, yellow, blue, green, tan and beige are the apt colours as these are considered as pleasant colour for the guests.
Kitchen– White colour is the best for the kitchen. Yellow, orange, pink, chocolate and red colors are also good for the kitchen.
Bathroom- For bathroom mix of black and white are the best.

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