Ideas to change the look of a bathroom

A standard bathroom can be transformed within few minutes into a fancy room for daily pampering without a need to break the bank. Here are some ideas on how to revamp the look of your bathroom in a cheap and inexpensive way:

Paint the tiles- To give a new look to the bathroom, it is necessary to start with the flooring. If you don’t have time or means to change it entirely, paint is always an option. You can paint the bathroom tiles to give them second life. To successfully paint the bathroom tiles, remember to wash them first and add a sub layer so that the paint adheres well.


Vinyl flooring– for a bigger change in the bathroom there is nothing better than using vinyl or linoleum flooring. Linoleum is a cheap and trendy way to add colorful flooring for a fraction of price. Plus is a cheaper and fancier option


Rejuvenate the look of the furniture- You may want to change the furniture of the bathroom without having too much budget. It is not a problem. Actually, it doesn’t take too much money to revamp the furniture completely. For instance, you can replace the handles of the cupboards. There is multitude of options to select from, while most that you can simply screw on as a replacement. You can also change or paint the doors entirely. All you need to do is to buy equipment from a hardware store.

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