Home Interior Design Tips How to decorate home for Ramadan and Eid?

Ramadan and Eid are holy time meant for celebration. In other words it is a renewal of faith and establishes connect with the creator. This time is celebrated pompously by Muslims. People love to decorate home for both of these occasions. But the question arises how to decorate home in budget? Well, in this post we have shared some design elements that can make your place stand out during this blessed month.


Decorative Tip 1- Incorporate flowers in home


Get creative by displaying colorful flowers throughout every part of the home. The year of Ramadan and Eid comes during the month of summer, so fresh flowers are accessible to all. Isn’t it an easy tip?

Decorative Tip 2- Add Poms to the space


Poms are quirky and are an easy way to add liveliness to a space. Mix complimentary colors or keep it monochromatic. A variety of poms go together with any kind of home décor and they can add sparkle to tour home.

Decorative Tip 3- Add sparkle to the home


Adding sparkle to a space adds an instant glamorous look to the home. It is a non- traditional way to add liveliness to the home. This instant celebration will truly perk up festive spirit!

Decorative Tip 4- incorporate lightning in home


Add extra lights in your home to keep up the spirit of this festival. Even the soft glow of candles can act as accent lights to your home décor. So, illuminate the home.

Decorative Tip 4- Incorporate lanterns in your home


Do you wish to add a new look to your home décor? Well, add lanterns to the home. It is the only natural way to brighten up the festival and home décor as well. Lantern comes in various shapes, sizes and colors. Incorporate them on your table top for unique celebrations. Large lanterns make a great impact when placed on the floor.

Décor Tip 5- add garland and signs to the home



Garland and white make your home look vivacious and enticing.This backdrop will definitely make your home look unique and one-of-a-kind. To add to it, you can add your own garland in various shapes and colors of your choice.

Bring all elements together


Remember that you should plan ahead of time, so the end result is a balanced look.

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