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So, you have agonised, argued and anguished over wood versus laminate for the doors. You have debated with your partner and the dog, whether it should be granite or composite for the workshops. Finally, when you can’t take it anymore, someone mentions what colour should the floor and wall tiles be? Kitchen design is expensive and time consuming. It is the one room in the house that if you get it wrong, it is not easy or cheap to put right. With the amount of choice now available to the consumer, how do you make sure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams? One step would be to look at for a great choice of kitchen tiles. Be sure to have a look around for a great deal.

Floor and wall tiles can sometimes be left to the end of the design process. This is a mistake, as they are the ‘glue’ that brings your whole design together. Get them wrong and they are the first thing people notice. I remember a friend of mine who spent over £20k on her new kitchen. It had an oven that babysat children, solid oak doors and black granite worktops. However, all I noticed were the shiny navy wall tiles. They clashed with the worktops, made the small kitchen look dark and I felt I had entered a public convenience.

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The floor tiles were a different story, she has got them right. Beautiful, light, marble effect tiles that made the space look bigger than it was and cleverly hid the dirt, due to their texture and colour.

Tiles are amazing! They can make an inexpensive kitchen look designer. They can add vital colour to an otherwise neutral environment. The right floor tiles can create space and character but still be practical. Tiles come in every colour, shape, pattern and material. They can reflect your personality and style. In addition, they are durable and easy to clean. Furthermore, they are non-flammable so a safe material to have in your kitchen where the risk of a fire is ever present.

Tiles are key to creating the mood to a space we spend more waking time in than any other room in our house. The extensive choice means there is sure to be a wall or floor tile that provides the unique look you want and within your kitchen design budget. With new colours and materials available due to improved manufacturing processes there has never been a better time to choose your kitchen floor and wall tiles!

Article wrote by David Neil – Tiling Expert

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