Need-To-Know Guide on Swimming Pool Safety

We can all agree that swimming is one of the best summer activities, and owning a pool is a luxury most of us dream of having.Nevertheless, the unfortunate fact is that there are many accidents which can happen in and around the pool.

The following guide will explore the main ways to keep swimming pools safe as well as fun for your friends, family and pets.

General Drowning Prevention Tips
Experts warn that statistically, children under five and adolescents between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four are at the highest risk of drowning. In addition, a swimming pool is 14 times more likely than a motor vehicle to be involved in the death of a child under the age of four. Thus, it’s absolutely vital to be vigilant when kids are around the pool.

It’s also a good idea to ensure your children take water safety and swimming lessons to learn how to prevent accidents happening. Finally, you might want to consider buying additional safety products, such as anti-entrapment drain covers, water barrier pool covers and rescue equipment.

Above Ground Pools
These types of pools are popular because they’re so easy to install, and they also come in a range of convenient shapes, sizes and colours. Nevertheless, because they’re rather obtrusive, they come with their own unique set of safety hazards.

Since falling from the ladder is one of the leading causes of injuries in above ground pools, make sure the ladder is ultra secure and stable.

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The other major concern in these kinds of swimming pools is to always enforce the rule that people never sit on the pool railing. This is a bad move for many reasons – they could cause damage to the pool structure, but there is especially the risk of injury by falling off and hitting the ground.

Inground Pools
Inground pools are the most aesthetically desirable of all swimming pools, and they can be designed with a number of attractive features. They are also easier to maintain than above ground pools and allow for greater ranges of depth.

With these models however, you need to keep a careful eye on children and pets, because it’s much easier for accidents of falling in to happen than in above ground pools. It’s a good idea to keeping the area fenced so they can’t get in. Alternatively, keep the pool covered with a safety net or impenetrable pool cover.

Another major hazard is people slipping on the wet concrete or tiles around the pool, so it’s important to enforce a strict rule about not running around in this area.

Pool Care
Swimming pools which are not well maintained and sanitised can pose a major health hazard, since bacteria and algae can breed in them at a rate of knots. In addition, untreated water is an attractive place for mosquitoes and other pests. For this reason, it’s important to keep the pool covered when it’s not in use, and to scoop out any debris on a weekly basis. It’s also crucial to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the correct dosages of chemicals needed to keep your pool water healthy.

Pool Chemicals
It goes without saying really that pool chemicals such as chlorine are toxic, so they need to be treated as such and kept locked away from the reach of children or animals. You should also be cautious when using them to treat your pool by wearing gloves.

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Mechanical Pool Parts
Because mechanical pool parts such as the filters and pumps are electrical and thus potentially dangerous, it’s important to keep them well maintained. For example, a pump with a damaged or defective cable can cause electric shock to those using it. Thus, make sure to read all the safety warnings and keep them well away from children or pets. Even if your pool is closed for winter, ensure that all the parts are safely stored away.

Swimming pools are all about having fun. But you also want to make sure that they’re safe. By following the above rules, you’ll be able to enjoy swimming while preventing unfortunate accidents or health hazards.

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