Top kitchen décor trends for 2013

Kitchen design is set to be electrified in 2013. A host of new trends are vying for our attention, while some old favourites are waiting in the wings for a comeback. So what does the New Year hold for kitchen décor?

  • Retro

Whether it be ornate classical, 1950s-style chic or even steampunk – retro is set to be big in 2013. Staples will include large and functional dining tables, textured wood panelling and solid wood cabinets.

With a nod to minimalism, folding doors are likely to be a firm favourite next year as we tidy our appliances away in cabinets. And the trend for integration won’t stop there.

In a move away from the shabby chic of 2012, expect to see a growing move towards hiding equipment in closets, under counters and generally out of the way. Staples of this vintage modernism bonanza will include slate, handmade-looking tiles and gloss.

  • Colours

The dark tones favoured by decorators this year are set to be ejected in favour of lighter and more neutral colours. Pale wood or laminate flooring is expected to be a staple and will combine really well with stone or marble countertops.

Eco-friendliness is here to stay however, so why not check out some of the beautiful bamboo flooring options, which tick the box for renewability, as well as looking fantastic.

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Glass splashbacks’ popularity will continue unabated and green-hued tiles will tie in really well with the move toward paler colours.

  • Metal

And not the music genre! Copper and brass mix well with most other materials and will ensure you’re bang on with the retro trend.

Forget about polishing though, you’ll want un-lacquered brass to convey that antique image. Small accent pieces are a really great option in this area, particularly if you’re feeling a bit of trepidation about going all-out on the retro front.

  • Lighting

Chandeliers and chandelier-style kitchen hoods are on the rebound, as well as fitting in well with classical décor.

LED (light emitting diode) lighting has gone from strength-to-strength in 2012 and 2013 won’t be any different. As well as being eco-friendly and energy efficient, this technology can provide incomparably soft illumination and will tie in really well with both metal fixtures and glass backsplashes.

The kitchen décor of 2013 is defined by old styles returning with a modern twist, as well as the continuing popularity of some of 2012’s firm favourites. As always, however, interior design is more of an art than a science and a world of possibilities awaits in just exactly how you interpret and combine these trends.

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