Which color combinations is the best for your kitchen?

When it comes to selecting of colors for the kitchen, it becomes a difficult task. Play with hues, combinations and color temperatures. There’s a shade of paint for every kind of kitchen, as well as finish. Here are some colors that you can select from:


Colors define style and personality of the kitchen. So, you can select from either warm or cold colors, depending upon your preferences. They usually enlarge small space, but also look too cool if not mixed with warm colors.

Blue is a calm color with lot of softness. There are many variations of this color. This color is generally used to enlarge the space of the room.

Green is nature’s color that offers refreshing style to the room. The mixture of green shade is highly recommended. Gradients offer great combination. These colors create a sense of privacy to brighten the place. To renovate the kitchen in red, it is highly recommended to paint the walls with

Red is a warm color that blends perfectly with all the shades like pink. Some people like to use red color only on kitchen furniture, while adding lighter color to the walls. To renovate the kitchen in red, it is recommended to paint the walls with soft red paint to avoid choking the room. Plus it reduces the space.

Yellow is the color of light and when combined with a cold color to brighten or illuminate the kitchen.

Brown is a color that is associated with earth. In short, it is also called as earthy color, and the color is derived from yellow to bring in rustic ambiance. Brown needs to be blended with other warm colors to avoid a darkened room. These colors are generally used in interior renovations. Today, different style has evolved with greater focus on universal colors like off white and other shades.

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Gray and Mahogany

Gray is soft, soothing and reminds us of ocean and the sky- it is an unexpected choice for unusual people. It doesn’t come across so much because there is so much of gray into it. If you want to incorporate this color combination, go for dark wood furniture and earthy colors.
Blue and Green Combination

Some people like washed out blue walls, surrounded by heavenly shade of green for the trim. It reminds us of the changing colors of the ocean on a sunny day or the sea glass that you will find, while strolling on the beach. Add a splash of cobalt and dash of pink to see the astounding kitchen.
Blue Blue Kitchen

It is a classy palette with wispy blue on the walls and a cloudy blue on the moldings-like glacial water is reflected against a late sky afternoon. The color combinations have a grayish cast that gives built-in patina, so that room never seems too old. There is something to be happy about.

Other Hues and Shades

It is not recommended to use more than three colors in the same room at a time. Combining colors should not exceed more than two at a time. It is done to avoid overloading of kitchen style.
Example of different color combinations: blue/yellow, red/green, orange/purple, yellow/blue, pink/green, white/grey, black and white, etc. Bright colors can be incorporated on the larger surfaces with shadows or darker shades on the smaller areas. A wall with off-white color dressed with bright red furniture. It is still the most popular color, when it comes to interior and exterior decoration. It illuminates, magnifies the surface easily. The color white blends perfectly with all other shades and colors, including warm and cold.
Exposure towards sun
The right color for the kitchen will depend upon towards sun exposure. A room facing towards east is exposed to outdoor light throughout the day. This kind of exposure requires use of soft, light paint to soften the space. For instance, you can add yellow, pink, egg, off-white color. For a room facing towards west, go for darker paint like red. If your room faces towards south, you may pick strong colors that bring out light like green, blue and grey. If it faces towards north, light will be colder and there won’t be much sun exposure, so bolder colors like red and yellow will warm up the kitchen.
Finish off the Kitchen

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Among the most materials used, Shellac and Lacquer are the finest. A shiny door can rev ip the doors and cupboards in the room. The kitchen will be highlighted by the bright colors and furniture equipment. Varnish offers a good value for money. Plus it is also water resistant and is highly durable.

Lacquer is made from PVC and contains volatile organic compounds. It is quicker and easier to put as compared to varnish. They are generally entry-level, but much weaker than the counterparts. The polymers offers satin touch, but it is disappointing against glossy varnish. Lacquered woods are used in doors and closets. It’s often put on furniture with different angles. Lacquered woods are painted in red or black, also it is water resistant and polish

Lacquer is pretty much made of PVC and often contains volatile organic compounds. It is quicker and easier to put on than varnish. They’re usually entry-level, but are much weaker than its counterparts. The polymers are usually satiny but disappoint against glossy varnish.

Lacquered wood is used to reinforce doors and closets for example. It’s often put on furniture with weird angles. Lacquered wood is usually painted red or black, is water-resistant, and can be easily polished.
Hopefully, now you have an idea about what colors to pick and which colors to avoid. These combinations could work for you too.

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