How to give your home ethnic makeover?

India is potpourri of culture and tradition, with so many inspirations round the corner, it becomes difficult on which one to adopt in the home. In this blog post, we will provide you ideas on how you can add Rajasthani culture in your home, without being overwhelming. With Rajasthan royal culture and tradition, the desert state of Rajasthan has plenty of decoration of ideas to offer for person for people who want to add ethnic look to the home.

Ishatvam How to give your home ethnic makeover?
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Tips on how to add Rajasthani décor

Add ethnic fabrics at home

100-145cm-pink-ethnic-butterfly-fabric-material-cotton-linen-fabric-curtains-table-cloth-home-decor-diy How to give your home ethnic makeover?
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Add vibrancy to the home by using some chirpy bandhej and leheriya fabrics, made from using die and dye technique, as curtains and throw pillows. Rajasthan is also known for its block printing. You can opt for printed cotton bed linen, bed spread and cushion cover and mulmul dohar. They are extremely luxurious and well suited for temperate climates. Mirror work embroidery also looks stunning and appealing.

Add accessories in the home

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You can even decorate the home with gorgeous Rajasthani accessories like hand crafted figurine of camel and elephants, as well as colorful puppets and pretty painted lamps. Combine all these items together to get a regal look. Along with that, add miniature painting narrating story of kings.

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Add low lying furniture

Rajasthani-Setup How to give your home ethnic makeover?
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Rajasthani people make ample use of low lying furniture. Consider adding diwans, chairs and stools with low height in the room t get that royal look. All these occupy less space and will make your home look spacious. Camel hide stools made from embroidered tanned camel leather gives striking appearance to the room. If your home is spacious enough, add an indoor swing to lend that authentic touch to the home.

Add textured wall in the home

13 How to give your home ethnic makeover?
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Rajasthan is known for sandy shades that are seen in form of royal palaces and buildings. Wall colors inspired from expanse of sand dunes or desert sunset is perfect way to showcase Rajasthani culture in your home. To make a notch above an average, add texture to the walls, inspired by the sand or the hot desert breeze. You can even ask for expert help for a consultation in comfort of the home.

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