Be Creative with Wine Bottles for Home Decors!

Wine bottles are always beautiful, thanks to their various shapes and contours. They are also fun to store in the bar or vanity even if they are already empty, as they may serve as memorabilia for the fun drinking times of the past.

But wine bottles can be used as home decors as well. All you need is to put your creative ideas into action, and you will definitely have new accents in your home without spending a lot.

Among the fun and quirky ideas that you can do with bottles are:

1. Chandeliers. You may want to gather several lightweight tinted wine bottles and attach secure wire holders for them to be attached together like a mobile structure in which they can hang from the base. The colors of the bottles are beautiful to look at especially when struck with light, the same way they do with actual chandeliers.

2. Candleholders. Wine bottles can also serve as candleholders; you may use clear or tinted bottles as long as they have a stable base, then add long candles that fit just right on the mouth. You may want to add grains or colorful seeds on the clear bottles to give them a pop of color.

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3. Photo frames. You can also use wine bottles as photo frames. You may have to cut them first to get rid of the bottlenecks, and for the photos to fit inside. Once cut, place a photo inside the bottle in an inverted position, as you’re going to set the bottle in a base-top manner. This way you can see the photo right side up. You can do the same with jars too.

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