Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Men’s bedrooms tend to be more simple and functional as compared to that of women. This is because they value function over style, even to those who have the eye for fashion. Men are after immediate use and accessibility, and they only treat a few items with sentimental value.

It may seem easy to design a man’s bedroom, but it actually requires some strategy in order to make the setup click. Hence, if you are trying to style a bedroom for your man, then here are some tips to consider:

1. Dedicate a space for clothes, and another for study. It is important to provide a particular space for dressing and grooming, and another for study. Men have a linear way of thinking, thus getting these sections jumbled up will only get them distressed. You may want to place the bed in the center of the room, then on one side have the closet, and the study table at the opposite, near the window.

2. Use blinds instead of curtains. Men find it easier to use blinds as these offer various forms of light and shade compared to curtains. They are also low maintenance, and only require occasional cleaning. Better install blinds that come in solid colors of white or blue, as these are easy on the eyes.

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3. Go for solid, dark colors. When it comes to the color palette, men like dark shades of blue, black and green, or earth shades of brown, gray and white. You may want to use white on the walls to provide a more versatile appeal, then use darker shades on the fabrics such as blankets and pillows, and moderate tones on the furniture.

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