Simple Ways to Refresh the Home

Do you sometimes feel that your home is too cramped and puffy? If so, then this indicates that you need to start refreshing your home. A refreshed home offers a lot of benefits; you not only get to enjoy a cleaner dwelling, but at the same time you get rid of unwanted elements that may cause health risks, including molds and mildew.

Keeping the home fresh doesn’t cost that much, as long as you apply these simple and easy tips:

1. Open your windows during the day. Try to open the windows of the house during the day, especially during weekends when you’re going to spend most of your time at home. Open windows bring the fresh breeze in, and as well give the molds to get out of the house. It also reconditions the house, giving it a fresher, sunnier vibe.

2. Perform a regular dusting routine. Dust easily accumulates in any home, and it is a major factor in making the house puffy and hard to breathe in. It is thus important to do a scheduled dusting routine, at least thrice a week, so that the dust and dirt won’t accumulate anymore.

3. Use light curtains. Regardless if you’re living in a country home or a studio apartment, if you want to achieve a fresh vibe in the house, then use light curtains. Choose curtains that are made of lightweight cotton or chiffon fabrics, and not the heavy, dark variants. Light curtains do not block the fresh air from coming in, and they also do not hold as much dust.

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