Caring for Lace Linens

Lace linens are popular in just about every home. Used as mantels, curtains, drapes and doilies, lace gives the home a refreshing, yet at the same time classic and elegant look. However, as we all know, lace is one of the most delicate fabrics ever. You have to take extra caution when handling it otherwise it will get damaged. And unlike other fabrics, soiled lace can no longer be fixed and brought back to its former glory.

If you think only mothers know how to care for lace linens, then you’re wrong. You can also be an expert in caring for your lace linens, and you can start by following these steps:

1. Away from sunlight

Lace may be good for windows, but they should not be exposed to sunlight for a very long time. You can position them in windows that don’t get hit directly by sunshine instead, as they turn yellowish over time. You may also want to use them sparingly, like during special occasions or just when guests are coming over for dinner, as these fabrics are meant to show off.

2. Do not bleach

While other fabrics may be bleached to get rid of stain, lace doesn’t. Bleach it and the fabric will soon get brittle and tear apart. What you can do is wash the fabric with warm water and soap, and soak it for a number of hours until it turns back to its original color.

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3. Air dry

Lastly, it’s a cardinal sin to machine wash lace linens. Machines are too rough they tend to tear the fabric apart. Hence, you should wash the linens by hand and hang them to dry. This way, your lacy sheets will look as good as new once again.

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