Ceiling design for your kids bedroom

Kid’s bedroom is a very special room in the home and it requires attention for detail and theme that will interest your kids. So, think is your kids room well decorated and themed, but ceiling is dreary or it lacks expression? Well,  here we offer you tips on how to decorate kids ceiling without spending a lot of money. These ideas are wonderful, artistic and will create a new bedroom for them. See how different themes, designs and bold colours create a bedroom that every kind desire for. Select what you wish to add in the bedroom and design that is best for kids ceiling.

Add design with stencils- You can render a unique look to kid’s room by designing the ceiling of their room with stencils. It is a great idea to add pattern in their room. Match the ceiling colours of the bedroom with bed sheet and rug to complete the look of a room. Themes like a rising sun painted with bold colour, fairy theme, pink theme, cartoon theme, animated theme looks beautiful in vaulted ceiling.

Check the overall look of the room- Before starting out with kid’s bedroom, make sure the ceiling paint should complement the kid’s room well. Points that you need to take into account is: wall paint, hanging lights and task lightning creates an impact on the ceiling and it is a great idea to decorate kid’s room.

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Add lot of colours- Kid’s room is designed to exude positive energy, colour and a different look. So, design the ceiling with lots of ceiling lights that looks different. Designing kid’s room ceiling and colour choice depends upon child’s creativity. Odd colour combination can make the room look dreary and messy.

Symmetrical wall design works the best- Symmetry creates the feeling of unanimity. In a similar way, symmetrical wall design and ceiling design with light on the ceiling can make the kids room truly beautiful. Bold colours can be added on the wall and it can be complemented with lights that are apt choice for your kids bedroom.

Add wall paper to their room- If your imagination is limited to wall mural, go for it. It is a modern and easy way to keep up with the changing times. White ceiling in a themed bedroom will look dreary and dull, so it is best to go for a themed wall paper for kid’s bedroom. It will give a perfect look to the room. Have a look at the picture this is how you can design the ceiling of their room.

Light colour ceiling- Light colour ceiling with matching wall paper can make your room different. If you are not sure about which look to carry ask your kids about their choice and select the best one for home decoration.

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Add false ceiling to the room- Add white false ceiling to kids bedroom and hang sun, moon or planets, etc. Coloured border with white ceiling and hanging objects in bold colours will make the ceiling decorative.

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