How to Shop for a Bed

Your bed should be your best friend. Among many things, this is where you’re going to spend most of your sleeping hours, thus you have to use one that gives all the comfort and warmth that you need. And yes, you will be practically living in this furniture for a number of years.

Thus it is important that you choose the right bed that suits your needs. A bed that doesn’t keep up with your requirements may not only make you restless, but at the same time give you health problems in the long run. But how exactly can you choose the perfect bed?

If you are planning to go bed shopping anytime soon, then here are some tips:

1. Look at the bed’s construction. Test whether the construction of the bed is stable (meaning it doesn’t easily rock), and if it squeaks whenever weight is placed on it. If it squeaks, it means that the bed cannot handle your weight. Thus, get one that doesn’t make a sound whenever you lie on it.

2. Check the balance support. When shopping for a bed, you should bring someone with you, as you two will be lying on the bed to check for balance. You or your partner should not roll across the bed whenever one gets up from the mattress as this is an indication of insufficient balance.

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3. Count the number of coils on the bed. If you’re going to buy a spring bed, check out the number of coils on it. More coils mean a firmer bed; the same goes with thicker and lower gauge coils on mattresses.

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