How to add glitter paints to the home?

Glitter paints add a dramatic look to the walls thus making a striking decor statement. Modern decor has brought up this interesting trend where one of the walls is made center of attraction by adding glitter paints and gleam via wall paints. These wall paints are not only used to paint the home, but it also used to highlight the home. They also decor the walls in a stencilled form or in form of shiny wall paper. Now, you can even facelift the home and understand what all can be done with help of glitter paints.

Spray glitter paints over the painted walls

If the walls of the rooms are already painted and you also want to add glitter to them, it can be painted with the help of spray glitter that is easily available in the cans. They can even be purchased from the local hardware store and can be sprayed right away on the dry walls. The walls can be further accentuated creatively with help of glitter paints that would charm the interior decor of the home.

Incorporate glitter into the paint

If you wish to get the interior walls painted in bold color, add glitter to them and watch them to dazzle stunningly. Buy paints of your choice and add glitter to them that come in convenient package of tubs and tubes. In this way, the glitter can extend in an uneven muted way unlike spraying where a pattern can be made easily.

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How to get creative with glitter paint?

Replace the wall paper border with the glitter paints and add it to the room decor. Glitter paints lend vivacity to the home and make the dreary looking nooks and corner of the room lively. Some of these places where it can be added include- surrounding area of the wall painting, wall mirror, artifacts, etc. The elegance of the room can even be perked up with one glittering wall. Decor the items with furniture pieces, lightning, flooring, etc, It will perk up overall look of the room. A muted glittering wall at the backdrop makes the home truly beautiful.
Lights- Let lights to play creatively over the glittered wall with assistance of pendant lightning or focussed wall sconces. Add glitter along with glaze for smooth, better and primed look.

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