How to decor home with Warli painting?

Warli painting is genuine form of tribal art of Adivasis belonging to Maharashtra. It is drawn on the walls of their mud houses with rice flour. The notable features of this art include wonderful contrast of white color on the mud walls and the simple shapes that are drawn to make expressive composition. This kind of art is highly acknowledged by the creative enthusiasts. In fact, today various home owners are interested in adding this kind of painting to their home.  But most of the designers feel that whether Warli painting can be done to the home to get exciting results. These paintings are truly amazing and one-of-a-kind, but indeed they look amazing. Even you can see them as Warli wall decals. These wall decals definitely suit your need.  Wall decals are nothing but decals made from Warli wall designs. This wall art form comes in variety of designs. Starting from animal to bird forms, they are seen in amazing forms like installation of peacock designs or there are various compositions as in original art. The theme entails festivals, farming, marriage, day to day routine activities. A wide array of options is available on how to implement Warli decal at home. The most prominent one is to get the wall painted in burgundy or maroon color which are mud like colors and get a Warli decal installed on the same. Or you can opt for a patch of the burgundy-maroon color on a specific part of light colored wall, if you need a prominent wall decal. Art enthusiasts have also tried to opt for traditional colors of Warli and have installed Warli design with several color combinations. The contrast combination, mud colored Warli design on a white background space has own appeal and lends aesthetic effect.  As such Warli painting has become a new trend. Today, people are very happy to adopt this trend because it is truly a right mix of tradition and modern art. Even people are elated about shifting to Warli wall decal from painting and they don’t further feel the need to experiment with different options. This innovative combination has brought a new revolution in the interior decor market.

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