How to redefine home decor?

Starting from conventional pin sculptures to rubber tyre carpets and painted cushions with bold color, today the artists are coming up with unusual ideas to decor the home.

How to add unusual art in the home?

Are you fond of unusual art? Well, why not decorate home with it? Starting from amateur designers to adept interior decorators are of view point that unusual art in the home add character and drama in the home. Select one piece that surprises everyone. Go for sequinned wall art and add sparkle and vivacity to the home. You can even buy ferns of several shapes from gardens, iron it and frame them.

Make optimal use of the waste

It is important to derive best from the waste. You can hang a decor piece on the white wall to break the dullness from the wall. Create your own wall art with wine bottle rocks. Show your fondness for the books by dedicating a separate wall to pages from all old books that you need to dispose. Even you can create own bookmarks. Bookmarks add a dash of color to the dreary looking wall. Art when customized, create magic and memories.

Decor your outdoor space

Don’t let your garden become dreary. Go for art that creates stunning effect on the outdoor space. Frog and flower shaped pots, chairs in stone, miniature waterfall and sculpture in stone and bronze can make the garden look lively. Go for some pretty candle holders made from stone to get an earthy look.
Lend interesting character to the room

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Starting from interesting bedcovers to trendy pillows, sculptures to paintings, art in the home creates a separate mood. To make your home look lively and interesting, buy a set of pillow that portray story of its own. You can even frame an expensive silk scarf that shows the intricate work and create own wall art. The framed silk scarf will add vivacity to the room. You can even frame brain quotes or go for some colourful unusual quote artwork.

Ad unusual art on furniture

Paint your closets and cabinets in rich, bold colors, thus making it a functional and unique place to be treasured for years to come. An if you think that you aren’t able to decor it or you are not a good painter, splash some color to get a chic look. Buy these pieces of psychedelic art that serves as a focal point in the room. You can even lend an ethnic look to the home by buying a sofa with intricate mirror work and embroidery.

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