How to add terrace garden in home?

Gardening is not just limited to the space, but to time and interest as well. If you like the idea of being surrounded by greenery, but you don’t want to spend unlimited hours with a pruner, a wonderful idea is to create a garden on your terrace space. It not only adds a wholesome look to the home, but also is a good health investment option.

Why to go for terrace garden?

Family time spend along nature

Terrace gardens add relief from daily pollution and chaos in the cities- what’s more? The inmates get fresh air, splendid view, barbecue parties, candle light dinner, a peaceful space, beautiful landscape and exclusive family time with loved ones. For people living in small apartments, having a small garden is luxury. It is gaining momentum as people living in small apartment can’t have big gardens. But ho doesn’t need it? Well, that’s why people are making garden on their balconies, patios or roofs- in fact, wherever there is no space constraint. It is a perfect way to add greenery in your home. There are several ways to beautifully transform your home into green garden.

Kitchen gardening basics

Depending upon space constraint, you can easily create garden of any space, design or form or on terraces or balconies to enjoy green space- the major function is to create an outdoor living space that is both practical and comfortable. Terrace gardens need not necessarily grow flowers or other decorative shrubs and climbers. In present times, many people have graduated their terrace into the kitchen. For people who reside in apartments, vertical gardening is the best solution.

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Understand the basics of kitchen gardening

To start with, it is important to access the holding capacity of garden terrace. The terrace should have an ability to take the load of garden. A terrace requires:
Right kind of soil so that plant can grow properly
Garden should be visually appealing

It should include a comfortable seating area so that you can enjoy environment
It should have apt slope- proper slope helps water to flow out without getting it accumulated in terrace area
Proper Drainage system
It should be Waterproof to avoid leakage

Select the plants accordingly

The selection of plant for the garden should be done keeping in mind the amount of sunlight that falls on the terrace. Plants with fibrous roots are a better option than plants sporting tap roots, which might harm your building. It is recommended to go for flowering plants or creepers for terrace garden.

Change the heights of the plants as well as the color. It should complement with overall look of the terrace. Select the color scheme and stick to it throughout the terrace garden. Add interest by selecting plants with texture and variegated leaves.

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