How to décor the living spaces?

Comfortable bedroom furniture has become important as children carry out majority of the activities in the bedroom- starting from reading books to listening music and relaxing. It is most important to select durable furniture that will grow with the child. It means sturdy and well designed furniture is able to handle notorious activities of your children. Along with durability, it should have colourful designs and adequate space for toys and other kind of items. Hence, it is best to opt for furniture with drawers.

How to store the items

The best storage options include colourful boxes that can work as interior décor items also. Items that serve as storage and décor item include toy boxes, drawers, toy buckets, bins, containers and other organising items that you can invest in. Drawers are good alternative for board games and clothes. Incorporate toys and baskets for storing big toys like pull along cars, trucks, etc. Store toys under stools and convert large boxes into seats by adding cushions to the top. Attach foldaway tables to the wall by hanging it up there. They serve the purpose of artwork and school work desks. When not in use, drop down and attach to the walls. Go for washable slipcovers for cushions and couch upholstery.

Making a storage space for child’s room can be a daunting task, especially while adding all furniture items that they require as well making a separate storage space for their toys and wardrobe. The best furniture for children’s room is to fit it close to the walls and in corner leave some space. The corner of child’s room should be kept clutter free and all the furniture of the room including bed heads should be rounded off. Fix cupboards to the walls to prevent toppling over. Fix a blackboard in the room where children can explore their imagination. This is less harmful than sketch pens and paints.
Comfortable and different

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The child’s room should always exude warmth, comfort and should look unusual. Involve your child in selecting theme. Ask him the kind of furniture he wants for his room, scribbling board, side table for the bed or a small funky stool. According to the furniture the paints or wall paper can be selected. Cardboard is a good option for child’s room. There are several reasons why you should use this material. Firstly, it is cost effective and secondly it can be easily discarded when your child grows up and want to change the look of the room. Also, they can make something unique with their own hands, starting from sofa out of cardboard to boxes covering with fabric for a get together, the cardboard furniture, etc. These are not only comfortable but light in weight and sturdy.
Add bunk beds in the room

If room is shared by two children, then bunk beds is the best option. Children like bunk beds and they are great space saver. These beds come in several shapes like that of cars, castles, animals, etc with inbuilt storage components. Twin beds have separate bookshelves and drawers at the bottom. Folding tables are handy and looks best in a compact room. Loft beds are another option. Your child’s study desk and storage can be fitted below bed, without consuming excess space. Trundle beds or pull out beds are best to store clothes or other items. Needless to mention, this extra bed helps a lot, especially when an unwanted guest comes in. It also has inbuilt storage option.
Incorporate hampers and baskets
To store their soft toys, a hanging basket is a space saver. Mesh hamper, wicker baskets, storage bin with wheels can be stored under the bed. Add extra hooks to a certain height so that your children can hang their daily need items like clothes, bags, caps, towel and other knick knack. Store small pieces like blocks games, puzzles, crayons and craft supplies in zip lock bag. Shoe boxes, small plastic jars are other storage options as well.
Accentuate the home rightly

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There are enough of accessories that can be added to child’s room like wall paper with a fairy theme, Disney style wall paper, ceiling wall mural depicting a view of solar system, planets, cartoon style wall paper, animal style wall paper, toy tents, pink mermaid wall paper for girl’s room, car wall paper for boy’s room, etc. Anything can be added to their room that reflects their personality. It will not only add cheer to their face but will improve the overall ambiance. Today, markets are filled with innumerable options that not only improve the overall look of children’s room but also help in creating a separate world where they can breathe, have fun and that takes their excitement to the next level. Truly, a fantasy world for your child!
Other items that can help you to decorate child’s room include bookshelves, decorative and practical accessories, wicker baskets, etc.
Material for child’s bedroom

Material plays an important role in making furniture safe for children. Wood furniture is apt when polished rather than when printed. Fabric used for headboards, chairs and so should be clean and breathable. Go for sturdy options while selecting furniture in plastic. Anti skid flooring is quiet beneficial for children in bathrooms. Plastic storage containers and chest is the popular option. Select a color scheme while selecting furniture and upholstery of the room. The material for child’s bedroom should complete the overall look of the room. Plus, it should be trendy and add smile to their face.

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