How to adorn windows?

Dressing up the windows, can change the décor of the entire room. The perfect solution on how to decorate the windows is by using curtains and drapes that add elegance and style to the room, besides ensuring privacy. The choice of window furnishings, available today is amazing.
Fabrics for window dressings- There are innumerable fabrics to select from like chic, bamboo, wood, plastic, vinyl and many other materials are used for window dressings. Select window furnishings for residential spaces are always personal to the user. It is important to make choice according to the needs and preferences.

The choice of curtain fabric depends upon the kind of room. For example, one can have thick curtains, but it is suitable for study or living room, otherwise sheers are better. The sheer is a popular option because it allows natural sunlight to pass by and allows fresh breeze, unlike heavier solids that black out the sun.

Select according to weather- In summer, it is better to go for organza and cotton fabrics, as they allow light to pass by and give airy feel to the room. Translucent window drapes are perfect for monsoon season. One can also go for lace curtains for windows, as they allow sunlight to pass through, thus ensuring the room is not dark.


Avoid distraction- Adding too much shades and colour can be bit distracting. So, go for patterned options against plain walls and vice versa. Ideally, even if windows are not in full length, the curtains should touch the floor to make the room look elegant.

Factors to be considered- A lot of design factors need to be considered while selecting perfect window dressing. Blend the window dressing into the space like you are blending dress for that special occasion. For those, who are new to designing, can hire a professional designer or ask the painter to make swatches of colours that you are using.

Some of the home furnishing stores has experienced persons, who can offer guidance and work with the designers to understand the color combinations that could work. Also, fabric brands have catalogues comes with images of the room, with the entire colour combination that gives clarity of the furnished space.

Today, one can use a curtain as art work. For example, blinds are available in the market, which have lovely sceneries and background of the beach that add a lot of colour to the room. Curtains are available in several offbeat designs and prints.

So, those people who want to add personal touch can add kitsch or cartoon character print for the kids room. Also, there are multiple fabrics to create a custom drape of sheer and substitute it with plain fabric or combine it with contrast fabric. It will gibe a dramatic impact to the room.

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If the window is huge in a living room, one can go for pleated curtain for luxurious feel. The style of furniture should blend with the window furnishing. Classic design complement with frills, lace work with wooden painted blinds, and so on.

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