Curtain Fabric that is best for your room

The present generation is all about customization and control. People today want their home to look perfect and hence select or design their own furnishings. It offers them added advantage that the curtains would fit the size of the window perfectly, and you can match with overall theme of the room.

Selecting from different options that are available in the market, it is difficult to select one if one is not aware about practicality and purpose of several textures. Curtains can be categorized on basis of living space and climatic condition. Here we offer you tips on how to select the fabric that is best for you:
Curtains based on living space

Generally, more expenditure and effort goes into the making of curtains for the spaces where the guests are entertained- like living room, dining room and of course guest bedroom, the curtains in the master bedroom are although not for display, but they usually tend to be stylish and go with the overall design of the room.
• Silk or Taffeta- It can be lined and should be used at a place where direct sun rays doesn’t come
• Cotton- It is affordable, easy to dye, durable and comes with lining
• Satin- It is formal and offers clean look, plus it hangs straight
• Suede, lace, velvet and tapestry gives it a grandeur look
Should be practical and functional

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The curtains which are purely meant for the user are the ones used in kids bedroom, libraries and kitchen.
Linen-Available in medium price range, wrinkles easily and can be dry cleaned easily
Cotton- It is affordable, easy to dye, durable and comes with lining
Canvas and denim are two fabrics which can be dressy or casual depending upon the design and type of fabric.
Curtains depending upon climatic conditions
Cotton is a choice perfect for any climatic condition. It comes with enough of options because the cotton-polyester mixes are available in the market. Depending upon the mix, the curtains can be thick and heavy, sheer or light weight. It is recommended to be used with lining for silk or linen curtains.
Curtains for moderate climatic condition

Sheer Fabric- Sheer fabric offers good visibility. It is breezy than other kind of fabrics
Lace- It is delicate fabric and requires good maintenance
Blinds for extreme climatic conditions
Synthetic Blinds- It vary in density and can be selected depending upon intensity of heat experienced in the region
Linen- It is a fabric that protects the room from harsh UV rays, as well as from cold temperature

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