Vitrified Tiles to give a contemporary look to the interior

There are three kinds of primary surface in any interior decoration- floor, wall and ceiling. Subsequently, one always perceive these spaces through the surface and through the skill of interior designer to synthesize three elements with a maximum impact. Without one of them, interior decoration is incomplete.

The flooring set mood of any place. With abundant availability of flooring materials in the market and skills of craftsman and ever-demanding intricate workmanship, flooring becomes important. It transforms the interior space to whatever interior designer imagines- One important element for flooring in interior decoration is vitrified tiles, which is becoming popular option now a days.

There are many benefits of using vitrified tiles as a prime element for the flooring and dados, as compared to other options available in the market. These tiles are made from machine, hence you can expect greater consistency with respect to size, shades and thickness as against variable shades and styles made from natural materials like marble, stone, cement tiles, etc.

No time in installation- Another benefit of vitrified tiles is it doesn’t require installing time, therefore, they are quick and easy to be laid. Mosaic, cement or marble stone requires at least 48 to 76 hours to get installed and polished. While vitrified tiles comes with an advantage- they are pre-polished and doesn’t require polishing on site, which is mostly a messy affair. Such tiles can be used on the floor of a large banquet hall or may be in case of a small bathroom.

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Versatile and Functional- Vitrified tiles provides an edge over other tiles because of user applicability. It is versatile and can be produced in several colours to suit the particular requirements. These tiles can be cut down manually to achieve intricate designs in the floor or wall, hence giving wide options to the user along with several combinations. Vitrified tiles are generally 10 to 12 mm in thickness. This thickness reduces unfinished surfaces on the floor as compared to other flooring material.

Quality of lightning- The quality of natural lightning and artificial lightning correlates with any kind of flooring. A glossy and sparkling flooring space of vitrified tile reflect more brightness as compared to others and at the same time, matt finished tiles are less reflective and underplay excessive sunlight.

Colour and Texture- The colour and texture of the flooring highlight or subdue the spatial quality of the interior. Flooring is one of those elements that makes interior decoration brighter and lends versatility to the space. Thus, vitrified tiles have become an important design element for any interior designer.

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