How to accentuate your home differently?

To make home stunning it is important to accentuate the home in a right manner.  Adding eye catching appeal to the home is easy and possible. Bear in mind that an accent piece adds depth and character in the room. It can be any object that offsets the rest of room or that serves as a focal point.

An accent, highlight or a statement piece is that part of interior decoration that adds appeal to the home and enhances it. It is usually a piece that creates separate identity for that or takeaway memory of that space, says renowned interior designer Prashant Chauhan, director and architecture of reputed interior decoration firm.

Basics of accentuation

The basic accent entails color, form, scale, these three are important components that define accent piece. Material, texture and its placement comes secondary. A Buddha statue, a large red vase, stimulating artwork is apt accent pieces, but most of it depends upon how designer places all these items to decorate the space, states renowned designer Chauhan.

Selection of accent piece

The accent piece should complement with overall look of the room. It is determined by color, theme and personality that you want to depict. In a room with neutral walls and flooring, a colourful rug, floral pieces of art, glass vases, candles or even luxury blinds and curtains act as accents, points reputed interior designer Mitali Thakore.

Visually appealing

Accentuate the home in a  manner that is visually appealing. How you can add visual appeal to the home? Well, incorporate stunning art work, interesting fans, different shapes of wall clocks, intricately carved wooden jails, decoration piece, light bulbs, etc.  A painting, or a fabric draped over a wooden sculpture imparts texture, and is an apt way to highlight the objects. Tree barks painted in bright and bold colors or even adding a wall paper with different designs can make the wall look stunning and beautiful. So, all in all you need to make visually appealing and beautiful.

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Color palette

Keep most of the room in shades and tones and shades of a single color and brighten it with objects in accent colors. Instead of decorating the entire home, add an accent piece during festive occasion, be it a quirky bookshelf, a vintage accessory, chandelier, a silver clad table, a baroque inspired mirror or a hand painted chair. This adds dimension to the home and add visual appeal.

Add unique piece to the home

Art work creates an interesting accent piece to the room. This unique piece of artwork adds a new identity to the home. It adds a new look to the home and it is the first thing that guests would notice in a room, says renowned artist Bharati Pitare.

Conversation starter

An accent piece should be something that brings forth the conversation.  It should stand out and should be an enjoyable aspect at home that adds an element of drama and color to the home. It could be anything starting from a funky chair, paint or a sculpture or even some artwork that can be mounted in an unusual manner. Whatever you select as an accent piece, make sure you can connect it with directly. The best accent pieces are the ones that have meaning inside it. It should be subtle and appealing. Pick up something that you really like and have not seen in someone’s home. Big or small, your home is your personal space, says interior designer Pitare.


Walls can also accentuate the home beautifully. You can have different colors, textures or different materials in the home. One wall of a room can be painted in a bold and vibrant color or you can give it a textured effect. Other options that you can go for is to use a combination of brick and stone, stencils or wall paper or something that creates a decor statement or that perks up the look and feel of the space. It should be such that it brings liveliness in the home.

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Add statement furniture in the home

Statement furniture like a graphic illustrated chair or a stylish yet comfortable couch can change the overall look of the interior. You can add glamour quotient to the space by selecting fabrics like silk, it adds a new look to the home. Starting from embellishments to brocade cushions, all signify elegance, royalty and sophistication.

How to accentuate the bedroom

The bedroom is a space that reflects your personality. It is a place where we spend most of our time watching TV, talking to our loved ones, etc. Hence, the bedroom should be as such that it looks beautiful and a center of attraction.

How to decorate it in a right way?

Decorating a bedroom is not a tedious task.  It is private spaces of the home, where you can incorporate innumerable accent pieces of soft furnishings like window curtains, bed linen, cushion covers, etc. All these add depth to dreary looking bedroom. If you have monochromatic theme add splash of silver, gold and red, to make it look beautiful.

Photo Corner

Add family photos in your home. Yes! It can act as accent piece. Highlight the photo corner by displaying it on a wall that is painted in different color, so that it becomes focus of attention. Convert the photos to black and white look. It will add timeless appeal and nostalgic to them.  Plus, it creates forever memories.

Add mirrors to the home

Mirrors make fabulous accent piece as it creates false illusion of space, helps to infuse light and adds beauty to the home. Go for decorative frame. In the master bedroom, you can add several mirrors where the wardrobe is of natural wood color and have fancy handles crafted of tiles to add color and vivacity.

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Tiffany style lamps or intricately patterned ceiling lamps, mosaic embellished tables, trendy curtains with graphics embedded on it or bed covers with ornate embroidery can be used as decorative accents, recommends reputed interior designer Thakore.

Accentuate bathroom in a right way

It is important to accentuate the bathroom in a right way. The bathrooms can also have accent pieces. Like the basin counters can be made from textures of white or Mediterranean feel, says interior decorator Chauhan.

How to add zest to the bathroom?

An ordinary stone floor bathroom or even a tiled bathroom can look appealing by placing washable rug there. There are myriad of colors and patterns available in the market. It would definitely create wow factor in the bathroom. Moreover, it would add novelty and finesse in the bathroom. You can further accentuate the look of the bathroom by decorating the ceiling with a stencilled paper or with attractive wall paper that doesn’t look overwhelming but perks up overall decor.

In order, to make your bathroom look unique you can add Victorian theme to it. Creating a Victorian theme is not a tedious task, it can be easily done by opting for dark colored cabinets with wash basin that can be made from porcelain. It could be further accentuated with round or overshaped mirror with a carved frame.

Add unique look to the kitchen

In the kitchen, dado walls are boring and monotonous. You can accentuate the look of the kitchen by adding a trendy fruit bowl, colourful kettle, or jars- like ceramic or colored glass, jazz overall look of the kitchen.

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